Saturday, December 30, 2006

Art Tags Fun

If you read my bead post you know Liz and I are die hard shoppers when we get a chance to visit one another. Liz and Rick have been spending the past few days with us up here in the mountains of TN. Yesterday the husbands went on what we call a "car hiking" trip. They loaded up the photo equipment and went in the search of snow and photos.

Liz and I decided to have an "let's play at home" day instead of wearing ourselves out shopping. We played around with some new Photoshop skills Rick taught this rank PS beginner the night before (and of course now I'm hooked!). We went into my studio and spent the day making Art Tags for Liz to take home. This was a new venture for Liz, for you usually catch her with a paint brush in her hand, painting another masterpiece to teach her students.

We laughed and talked and relaxed and made art. What more could you ask for between two best friends who can't see each other more frequently. It was a rarity. It was a perfect day.

Wanna see what we made?


Michelle said...

These are GORGEOUS. Manila tags are so much fun to play with. You did an outstanding job.

-Michelle (mw-artco)

M.Anderson said...

those are so cool! Nice to be able to spend such relaxing and fun time with friends.

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Thanks Michelle...I thought they turned out pretty nice myself ;-)

PG Cork said...

Simply lovely! And how wonderful to spend time with a dear friend!

Penny :)