Wednesday, December 6, 2006

My first ever time Blogging...oh my!

I guess I'm pretty much behind the times. I've just recently started learning about blogging and I have a looong way to go!

I am a mixed media and collage artist trying to build an online business and decided a Blog would be a step forward in the right direction.

If you visit my website you will see this collage on my Home Page. I did it to remind myself not to lose my inner child and to not forget to laugh.

So if you've stopped by to visit, please, check out my auctions on Ebay and my store at Etsy (where I'm fairly new and still need to add more inventory. And stop by my website, you can see pictures of my studio. Also my photo gallery, where I'm still adding photos of my work.

I guess you could say I'm an artist who is in a state of evolving. If you'd like to post a comment please do so...I like chatting with like minded people.

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