Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Simply Soldered

Simply Soldered by Carrie Edelmann Avery

This week our blog topic is Favorite New or Inspirational Art book. Since I am a book and magazine addict, with no desire for a 12 step program, this is difficult for me. Then I received a new book the other day that I forgot I ordered. Yay.

I have been trying to teach myself soldering. I did some reading, bought the required tools and was excited about my first project. I had an idea for some soldered glass ornaments I wanted to sell on ebay for Christmas. Until I began the actual soldering. First I took a good look at the finished product... and then had a good laugh!

Yes I believe that soldering itself is not difficult but like most mediums it takes practice to do it and do it well. Of course that could be my aggravating perfectionism talking too. ;-) I mean I did successfully solder a few pieces. But no way could I put them on the market and sell them to unsuspecting customers!

But Avery's book gives me hope that with a bit more practice, I'll be OK. She gives good info and pictures on tools and the basic technique. The projects are up to date and wonderfully funky and inspiring. All projects have pictures, and some projects have technique pictures. This is not a large book, 35 pages, but for the $11.00 I paid for it I'd say I got my money's worth. But I feel what I really got was my inspirations worth! Maybe next Christmas you'll see some of my soldered ornaments up for sale. I mean, that gives me a year to practice, right?


M.Anderson said...

Soldering does take practice to get those seamless joints. I haven't done any in awhile and I don't think I really want to refresh my memory on it all at this point in time. Great post!

PG Cork said...

This would be an excellent combination with your collage skills!

Penny :)