Monday, January 29, 2007

Childhood Art

I've joined another small group of marvelous Ebay artists to do a weekly post together. Our topic this week is childhood art.

The first piece of childhood art I can recall making and having feelings about, I was in the sixth grade. It was a year of first's for me, my parents bought our first home, no more renting, a new neighborhood in the suburbs of Chicago...I mean even the neighborhood was new, building had only recently started. A new school, my first male teacher we affectionately called Mr. V. My first really best friend. My first time as a school patrol girl on the exciting I got to wear a special white belt! ;-)

Parent's night was coming and we were going to decorate our classroom with our own art for all the parents to enjoy and we would also be graded. I decided to make a kewpie kind of doll on posterboard. But instead of drawing or painting , I decided I would make mine from all those different colored, tiny aquariaum rocks.

My mom took me shopping, I carefully picked out all my colors, for the flesh and the eyes, lips and clothing. All those little bags of colored rocks! I had never felt anything so exciting in all my young years. It quite literally took my breathe away to think that I was actually creating something from nothing. I slaved over my picture at home and at school until she was just the way I envisioned.

Then came parents night and I couldn't believe all the compliments I received for something that brought me such joy. Even Mr. V liked it. I just knew I would get a good grade for my kewpie. Until the next day in school.

It didn't matter how much anyone liked it, I was told that I got a low grade because I didn't listen to the instructions. We were only supposed to work on our projects in CLASS. Taking the project home was WRONG! I was devastated. I suppose in my excitement of thinking about the art I would make, I really hadn't paid attention to all the instructions. It was long ago and who can remember.

But out of that devastation came something else, a love of art that no low grade, no one person, could ever take away from me. Making art still takes my breath away. And to this day oh SO many years later, I thank Mr. V for that. I still slave over my art, but not any chained slave am I. I am but a slave of my heart and my love of creating......and I still do it at home. And there are some who would say I still have trouble taking instructions! ;-)


Michelle said...

I'm so glad you broke the mold that your teacher was trying to place you in.

Too often I think kids get shut down (sometimes permanently) with

"thats not how its done"

"thats not what I asked for"

"you are to little to try that"

"that will make a mess"

"we don't want to ruin your dress"

Your art would not be the creative unique stuff it is today if you listened to all the rules

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Oh Michelle, I SO agree with you. I believe art should be a very important part of a child's life without all those "rules".

BLUEYEDUCKstudios said...

Your writing is as beautiful as your art ... I completely enjoyed that vingette of your life - and in 35 seconds you took me through many emotions - though fleeting - still real!

Your gift is a complete one - I am so happy you share it...

~joy in the journey,

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

I loves ya Ducky!