Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Our topic this week is about art that inspires us. I have two artists I have become enamoured of this year who have inspired me to think totally outside the box. They don't know me and that's ok. They don't have to. Their work speaks volumes to me and arrows swift and straight to my heart.

The first is JoannA at Moss Hill Studio. I first became aware of JoannA's work while surfing Ebay and stumbling across one of her art dolls. Her assemblages and art dolls made from found pieces are so stunningly beautiful I have no words. Her work gave me the courage to try my hand at my own dolls. I know JoannA was diagnosed with cancer this fall and I have sent prayers winging in her direction.

The other artist who has so inspired me this year is Misty Mawn. Another artist who combines painting and collage into the most beautiful and whimsical art I have see in a very long time. I love her use of use of color and pattern and figures. I struggle daily with an unwanted and undesired sense of perfectionism in my work and I feel it inhibits me. Misty's work makes me strive harder to loosen up.

There are times when I feel so chained to the earth, heavy and dull. These two women inspire me to knock off those chains and try to fly.

This is my new 6x6 Art Squared piece that went up onEbay tonight. It is entitled Sweetheart.


M.Anderson said...

thanks for sharing both of these. I really love the moss hill stuff. And your art squared is quite delightful.

PG Cork said...

Beautiful choices! BTW...I think that you're flying high, yourself!

Penny :)

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Thanks so much for the compliment M! And Penny, you're such a sweetie! THanks!