Sunday, February 25, 2007

Beauty in the Garden

The second group I share blog topics with have chosen the word beauty to post about this week. Unfortunately I have just run out of time this week. Since our post is to be an interpretation of the word I decided to kill two birds with one stone. My blog post is going to be visual this week.

I adore flowers and my yard is filled with their beauty, not only visually but also fragrantly! I, like so many others, am anxiously awaiting spring. I have an altered children's board book that I'm putting up for auction tonight on Ebay. In honor of Spring, the theme is flowers and gardens. Below is a preview of some of the pages in my "Garden" book.


Amy C. Martin said...

So pretty :) I am anxiously awaiting spring, as well. I've had enough of this snow!

kim said...

Ohhh that is so beautiful Gail. Now I am waiting for spring even more.....

Just in case you used up all of your ephemera on these last couple of projects, you better head over to my blog to get some more......Muah hahha haha Gail I need you addy! :)
Kim aka imagesbykim

Penny Cork said...

That is quite extraordinary! I especially love the last page with the face! WOW!

Penny :)

Ellen Leigh said...

What a pretty book! You and I could be best friends! Gardening is my passion, absolutely love it, and especially love all the scented flowers. I even had to start a gardening blog so I would have something to do in the long winters here in Michigan. You can check it out at: http;// I just added a bunch of pretty spring pictures too, scrolled across the header.

Anonymous said...

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