Saturday, February 24, 2007

Posting and Blogs

I love looking at other artist blogs. So many talented people, not only at creating art, but writing wonderful posts too. I love blogging...I think I may even be coming addicted. But I would like to say one thing about blogs that I don't like. All this having to sign in and have an account just to leave someone a post. And if I didnt' have to sign in, yet again somewhere, I would leave so many more comments...and face it, we all love comments, even if we won't admit it. ;-)

But I am put off by having yet ANOTHER account to keep track of. Now I only know about blogger, but I have mine set up so that anyone can leave a comment without having to sign into an account. I have it set so that I moderate all comments before they are ever posted, so I am always in control of spam and nasty trolls showing up on my blog. And so far neither of these have been a problem(fingers crossed here).

So, I ask, if you have the ability to set your blog up without making me sign into another account I would love to leave you a glowing comment about your most recent post and will happily do so.

OK, that's my blog complaint. :-)


Anonymous said...

I have to say that I agree! I think that mine accepts anonymous comments. I have so many user names, id's, log-ins, passwords, etc. that I want to scream! Oh, the joys of the modern age.

Hey, I'm clicking anonymous on this one, but, you know who I am! ;)

Penny :)

Anonymous said...

I just changed my blogspot so you don't have to log in either - I didn't realize it defaulted to this until someone told me they forgot their password (huh? lol).
Stop by and visit sometime !


Patti said...

Gail, you motivated me to go back & check my Blogger settings! Like you, I have mine set up to take comments from anyone AND approve them first. Works for me!! :)

I really enjoy keeping up with your blog! You write from your heart!!


Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Thanks you Patti, that means a lot to me!

Ellen Leigh said...

I'm with you! I set mine up for anybody to post, and I don't even approve comments- I have only had one spam comment so far and I just deleted it.