Thursday, February 22, 2007


O.K. this week my first group has chosen the word warmth as our posting topic. We can interpret this word in anyway we choose. For me the word conjures up other home, heart, friends, family. Many, many years ago, I lived in Florida, in a little house near the beach. It was a very tiny house, maybe 1000 square feet if that. I decorated the best I could on a strained budget...which meant a lot of found objects and repurposeing. Of course in those days we didn't call it that...I think it was referred to as decorating on the cheap.

One evening I had a group of ladies from work over for one of those home parties, which I normally avoided like THE PLAGUE, but...I was doing a favor for a friend. Anyway, before I get to long winded, the nicest compliment that came out of that night was from a young woman I much admired. She told me the next day at work how warm and comfy my home was and that when she walked through my front door she instantly knew that was where love lived.

I was so floored and so thrilled with her words. To this day I consider it one of the best compliments I've gotten in my life. Because I've discovered that is what life is all about. A home that is a warm haven, a place you like to come back to after a hectic day, and miss when you go way for any extended time. A place where a good night might consist of a lovely rainstorm outside, fresh sheets on the bed and a good book waiting on the bed side table. A warm and cozy home that is the keeper of those you love and a place where love lives. That is what brings me warmth, even on a cold day.


Sam I Am said...

Gail.. love your 'warmth' write up :) What a lovely compliment to be told that about your home :)
Whenever my kids friends come over.. i get the usual.."Geez, your house always smells so good.. ".. "I love coming always smells like goodness'

I received your little cards today..and just drooled!! I am in love with them.. i HIGHLY doubt I could ever give them away lol I feel like i want to be very SELFISH and display them about to drool over and be inspired by :)
Thank you so much.. they tickle heart :)

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

"I love coming here" what better compliment could you get from a kid Sandy!!! I'm so happy you like my little cards and if you want to keep them for yourself you just go right ahead! ;-)

Penny Cork said...

Sweet story! And you know that I envy that porch!

Penny :)