Friday, March 23, 2007


This week's word is expectations. Gosh, we get SUCH good words! This is a word that could take us many places. But I think I'd like to say for me, today, in this time and place, I've been told sometimes mine are to high. And I would suppose that just as many times I've been told that, they are probably right.

I seem to have a propensity to expect things to be where I put them. Or to expect that if I'm nice and respectful to people they will return the same attitude. I expect that when I purchase an item from a company and have a problem with said item that the company will have customer service people actually trained in the art of "customer service" and have real knowledge of their product.

Some of my highest and most disappointing expectations are things like, expecting something that should really work at all times. And, horrors, to work easily and correctly. I have a bad tendency to expect things to "not" break on me at the exact moment when I need them the most.

But my highest and yet worst expectation...... I always expect people to understand what I'm saying! I am so silly.

So, sadly I must say, yes I do have high expectations, and they are repeatedly dashed to the ground. But at this stage of the game it's to late for me to change who I am and so I suppose I shall be continually disappointed that my high expectations have led me astray yet again. ;-)


Deborah said...

Gail you have LOVELY expectations and every right to expect things the way that you want them to be. No need for you to expect to be disappointed...maybe just expect to learn something from any disappointments that MAY happen.

Altered Kat said...

Just popped in to say "hi"'s been a the art you display on the right!