Sunday, March 25, 2007

Flower Garden Paper Bag Album ~ Hello Spring!

Here in the mountains of Tennessee, in our little valley, everything is starting to awaken, lift their heads and say, aaahhh.....Spring has arrived.

A couple weeks ago the daffodils and hyacinth started to poke up their sleepy heads and right now they are in full glory. It seems overnight the Bradford Pears have sprung forth in all their beautiful white glory. And today, driving along the lake, I looked up onto the mountains and weaving in and out of the still brown grey trees, little peeks of wild white dogwoods. The forsythia are smiling in glorious yellow. Soon the pink red bud trees will bloom and our valley will be beautifully washed in a mantel of Spring's colors.

And so, I did this album in honor of our greening and preening Spring.

You can see more of this album here:

Enjoy! And Happy Spring!


Sam I Am said...

ahhh..such sweetness for the eyes :) beautiful work!!!

Felicia said...

They're all so pretty. I found your site through the etsy blog thread.