Saturday, March 10, 2007

Imagine Flowers

Our weekly word is imagine. There are so many avenues open with this word and I wasn't sure which one I wanted to take. But yesterday it warmed up here in our little mountain valley and I was finally able to get out into one of my flower beds for much needed resuscitation.

This particular bed has been an eyesore to me since we bought this house and I inheirited the previous owners plantings. It is up against the garage and one of our little outbuildings. It gets weedy and overgrown and is hard to get into to do any work because of all the brambles. I can see part of it when I walk through my living room, most of it as I continue through the dining room and I can't miss it when I stand at the kitchen sink washing dishes.

Both of the buildings are ugly, bland and boring, white cement block. For five years now I've been unable to imagine that flower bed in my head (yes, I'm slow because I'm not what you call a "confident" gardener) . I waffled with first this, and then that idea and I've tossed away mural idea after mural idea for the sides of those buildings.

And finally a couple weeks ago I was able to imagine it! The sides of both garage and outbuilding will become a beautiful soft blue sky with wonderful pale clouds. I love painting clouds. I remembered a collection of old windows sitting in that little outbuilding and was able to imagine two hanging on the garage wall and one on the little outbuilding.

That will be the simple work. The hard part started yesterday as I began to clean out those old overgrown brambly raspberry canes. The only thing staying is a big white hydrangea bush.

Now I'm imagining Roses, Lilacs, and Peonies. All in shades of pinks, maybe splashes of yellow and of course the white Hydrangeas.

White Lilacs in another part of the yard
getting ready to bloom

A couple of my very old and established Peony bushes

Rose bushes from other partsof the yard

I know it will take a few years for all that to really fill in and be as beautiful as I can now imagine it will be. But worth the wait. And until then...I have my imagination to fill it in.


Dixie Redmond said...

Wow! I want you to come help me with my garden. I moved into this house a couple of years ago but haven't done much with the gardens. I used to LOVE gardening. Thanks for the inspiration!


Garden Painter Art said...

Just beautiful. I can imagine the soft blue skies and white clouds on the sides of the outbuildings. Please, please, please, keep us up to date on this beautiful new garden.

Garden Painter Art

Penny Cork said...

Just lovely! You know how much I love flowers! Thank you!

Penny :)

Gypsy Purple said...

Aah, the flowers you have here is a beautiful start!!!
I imagine it will be so lovely

kim said...

Just don't tell me that these pictures are of flowers already in your garden or I am gonna move next door to you tomorrow.

I am still waist deep in snow here in Manitoba Canada.

Deep freeze Kim aka imagesbykim

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Thanks everyone, I hope this growing season is a good one and laer on I'll try to remember ot post a picture of the mural.

Kim, LOL, you gave me a good late night chuckle! Those flowers are from a previous summer. ;-) But you can move on down if you want!

M.Anderson said...

That sounds absolutely lovely! I hope we get to see some future shots of when it is completed.

ambercolumbia said...

This is the time of year! There is too much snow on the ground for me to imagine much about my garden :O, but I sure imagined how your beautiful garden will bloom for years to come.


Sam I Am said...

gail ..these pictures are drooling over your hydrangea ...its sooo pretty!!!
i think this last pic.. of the flowers in the basket would make a beautiful print!!!! i can picture it hanging in a charming little cottage :):) :)
LOVE visiting your blog :) it always makes me smile :)

Anita said...

beautiful garden! love your roses...Anita

Sam I Am said...

Hi Gail..
Thanks for your post about my bunny :)
that bunny pic is a photo i snapped of "Lil Bits' (the bunny that lives in my backyard..)
then i altered it photoshop..with different brushes and backgrounds :)


If you lived closer, I'd come check out your garden for myself! You have inspired me and I will try my hand out getting out there and controlling the weeds, too!

Steph said...

It sounds beautiful! I start imagining my summer garden this time of year too.

VIM said...

I just HAD TO RETURN. After the nor'easter, I needed to enjoy SPRINGTIME. Thanks so much. ambercolumbia Adrienne

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Adrienne, come anytime! ;-)