Thursday, March 1, 2007

New Collage Items ~ Digital and non Digital

I posted a new auction on Ebay tonight and and a new listing in Etsy. My two E's and vastly different in all ways! ;-)

This first piece is a 6x6 Art Squared collage done on wood. This happened to be one of those pieces that started out as a question mark. I was trying to work through another piece. To keep myself from freezing up on it, I grabbed this one and pretty much blindly reached into my scrap paper drawer and pulled out 3 pieces of paper. Glueing them down, I glazed the heck out of it with about four different colors, used my favorite background stamp and all of a sudden I looked at it and thought...oh, hey, I'm liking that background. The other piece is still sitting on my worktable because this one was calling me and I wanted to finish it to see where it was heading. Ah, the mysteries of art!

My Etsy listing is a new series of mini cards ~ the Baby Collection~
Doing digital collage has opened a whole new creative world for me and.... like McDonald's.... I'm lovin' it! You can check out my Etsy store for closeups of each individual card in the set! Wouldn't these be great for baby gifts or thank you notes from mom and dad to be! I list them as an individual set in my shop but I can make as many sets as someone needs. They are completely orginal and absolutely affordable. :-)


Deborah said...

Your work is absolutely lovely!!!

Gypsy Purple said...

You are busy!!....and they are all are on a roll!!

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Thank you both so much!

Michelle said...

OH MY GOODNESS... Those little baby cards are too cute!!!!

I think that is so awesome you are finding digital work to be easy and fun.

It is amazing how much you can do when suddenly you have the option of resizing, altering colour, repeating an image.

Fantastic stuff here.

Garden Painter Art said...

Oh I love the "cherish" collage. It's a lovely Easter piece. It just looks like those 3 little kids are all dressed up to hunt for Easter eggs!!

Garden Painter Art

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Thanks Michelle and Kim! Kim I never thought of that piece as an Easter piece but now that you've mentioned it I SEE it!

Michelle, all those options plus more has left me wide open to be overwhelmed a definite fun way! Sometimes I feel like there aren't enough days in the rest of my life to explore all that I want to in the world of digital!

Altered Kat said...

I love your squared piece...absolutely adorable!

Penny Cork said...


Penny :)

Ellen Leigh said...

I love that square piece too! And the baby cards are adorable! You inspire me.

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Hugs and Smoochies to all of you! ;-)