Sunday, March 18, 2007

So What is Mediocrity? Really?

Our art group decided this week our word is mediocrity. I've thought about it all week. I've gone around to all the other blogs and read everyone's posts...what great posts each and every one was by the way! And because lately, as an artist, I've been feeling such a big fear of that ole mediocrity, I found myself intimidated. Such great posts, what in the world would I write about! So I was just getting ready to go tell the group that I copped out this week and didn't get mine done.

But I read one more post I seemed to have missed.
As I was leaving a comment for Dixie I realized I didn't have to cop out this week.

I spent 8 years teaching decorative painting. If life circumstances hadn't changed I believe I'd still be teaching (but that's another whole story).

What sells a student on a class is usually the subject matter. And seeing the actual painting, not a picture of it. So in order to keep my classes full, I always had a finished painting displayed in the class area to tempt my students to take that particular class.

When it came to teaching the actual class, since I already ahd a finished piece, I always painted on a surface that didn't matter to me. Usually something like a piece of mat board. The painting I did in class was strictly for showing the students how to do something, how to shade or highlight, what color to use, what brush movement they might want to do to achieve that particular result. In a classroom setting I was painting faster than I normally would do for myself and sometimes I was even painting upside down so the class could see the demo right side up.

When a class was finished I often would paint over what I did and re-use it for another demo, or even throw the demo piece away if it was something I was sure I would never use again. When students found this out they would literally be aghast. You see, since they were still in student stage and learning they didn't see my throwaways like I did, as a "so what",......they saw something to keep and treasure. Oftentimes I even had a student ask me for my demo board.

So Dixie's post made me realize that mediocrity, like beauty, is all in the eyes of the beholder.


Deborah said...

How right you are!!! Perfect post. I'm glad that you slid in from 3rd base and made it this week!!!

ambercolumbia said...

Very good. Students' perspectives are so different...great blog, THANK YOU :D Adrienne

Doreen said...

excellent post. thank you so much for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog. If you don't mind I am going to add you to my list of favorite artist links...Love your work

take care

Sam I Am said...

beautiful magnolia!!! and LOVE the pears!!!! you are one talented lil chicky!!!! :)

Penny Cork said...

That was really sweet! Funny how sometimes we don't see ourselves, and our skills as others do. You rise far and away above mediocrity!

Penny :)

Christy said...

Hi Gail! I just had to "hunt" you down and find the artist that made my heart sing this morning... Thank you! I'm going to link my blog to yours... I hope that's okay with you. A decorative painter... girl you are my roots! Take care and I can't wait to sit on your porch! Christy

Ellen Leigh said...

Love it! Great post!
Ellen Leigh

Gypsy Purple said...

What a stunning post!!!!!
Glad I came to visit!!!