Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring Fever

Goodness, I'm in the midst of a very serious case of Spring fever! All I can think of is flowers, birds, butterflies, and pretty pastel colors. I put a new auction up last night that I call Spring Hatchling.

I'm the first to admit I have a terrible time taking photos of anything glass. Spring hatchling is beautiful in person. It's hard to tell but she has just hatched out of an egg which is behind her as she lays on a nest of flowers.

You can find more photos and information here:


Later this summer I'm hoping to change the direction of my website. I want to delve more into the world of selling supplies to fellow artists. And to that end, my first dipping of the toe into the pool are some laser printed collage sheets.

What I really would like to do is gear myself more toward the kind of items you won't find everywhere else. I'm working on packets of my own digitally designed papers. I plan on scouring flea markets, estate sales etc for fun "stuff" we can add to our artistic creations...myself included. ;-) And I would love input from anyone on this idea or even thoughts on the kinds of supplies you as an artist would like to find for sale online.

My first two collage sheets, you can find them in my Etsy store and on Ebay.


Garden Painter Art said...

I really love all the altered jars I'm seeing. Yours is so charming!!

I don't know the first thing about working with (or within) glass. You must have to use a particular adhesive to get something to attach to the glass.

Garden Painter Art

Penny Cork said...

What a little cutie! Wow! Designing in glass seems like a challenge! Not for the messy, for sure.

I wish you well on your supply sales; I think that is a fantastic idea! You've got a great eye for the pretty, and awesome design skills to back it up.

Penny :)

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Thanks Kim & Penny, I always appreciate your comments!

Michelle said...

I love both your art and your collage sheets!

Spring has sprung at shabby cottage studio!!!!

Gypsy Purple said...

You have the nicest things on your blog!!!
Will have to spend a lot of time here!!


That has to be the most adorable hatchling that I've ever seen! Love your work!