Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Just for Me :-)

I love when I visit a blog and someone shares a new find. And finally I have a new find I want to share, because, well, because they're just so darn cute!

The six little kids tugged at my heart the moment I saw them and I thought I'd find a way to use them in my altered art. But they ended up on the shelf above my work table and I decided that's where they're going to stay. I haven't a clue as to how old they are but I'm guessing maybe the 1950's? If anyone has ever seen them before I'd love to hear.

And the little lamb? Well, I'm a sucker for bunnies and lambs, so he's now on the shelf with the kids, keeping an eye on them. And me too of course. ;-)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Six Questions

Instead of a word this week our art group has a list of questions to answer. I"ll do my best! :-)

1. What's your day job?

I work in the world of mixed media, collage and altered art. I am working hard to build an online business with my art, which means I spend most of my time either on the computer or in my studio creating. I'm still struggling to find a balance between the two. If it exists. I have a supporting husband and my only children are canine and feline so I feel blessed that I do have the time to devote to this, because both worlds take a lot of time.

2. How do you define Creativity? How does it look in your life? What allows you to be the most creative?

Gosh, for me, creativity envelopes such a large world. I guess I've never really thought of a definition for creativity. I just find it to be a part of me as much as breathing is a part of me. I like to think I"m creative most of the time :-) but I think I'm my most creative when I'm around other creative people. I find such a strong synergy that develops when creative people get together that is quite heady and exciting!

4. When did you start blogging? What prompted you to start?

I began my blog in Dec. 2006. I initially started my blog as another building block in getting my name out there and my work more known. Never in my wildest dreams did I know how addictive and how fun blogging would become for me. Nor did I realize how many new art friends I would make and be able to communicate with. I have just as much fun discovering other artist's blogs as I do blogging on my own. I have met some of the most amazing artists through blogging.

5. Who/what are your major influences and inspirations in your blogging?

Other blogs inspire me. There are some of the most beautiful and amazing blogs out there and people are sharing wonderful pictures that inspire me. And it's comforting to see, through other blogs, that there are many people out there who love and enjoy the same things I do.

6. How does blogging reflect (and/or feed) your creativity?

For me it's a nice way to feel connected to the creative world. I have other artists stop by and comment on my work which is always a nice motivator to keep going, doing what you love and also to sometimes feel like, OK, maybe I'm on the right track.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Paper, New Color

I listed this new paper on Etsy tonight. You can click on the picture to see it larger. And I'm now offering shipping to Canada on my papers.
And of course watermarks are not on sold papers. ;-)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Another New Paper Design

I just added this new design tonight in my Etsy shop. I've also decided to offer this service: if you like the designs but the sizing doesn't meet your requirements, if you let me let me know I will be happy to custom size the design for you as long as it fits 8.5"x11" paper. At no extra cost.
You can click on the picture for a larger view.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Being Resourceful

I really like this week's word...resourceful. I looked up the definition and here is what I found: able to meet situations... capable of devising ways and means. I like this word. I like to think I'm resourceful. Now don't tell him, but I learned from my hubby. ;-)

Once upon a time we were without electric and running water for a week due to a hurricane. We were lucky it was not a direct hit and we were able to stay in our home which was a blessing. Not everyone was so blessed that week. If ever I had a choice on which to give up, electric or water, for any extended amount of time, I'm opting for electricity every time. ;-) I find living without water to be pure misery. You can't flush toilets, you can't wash dishes, and you can't take a SHOWER!!!

Now we were without running water but we did have some water in reserve. Toward the end of the week my hubby, knowing how miserable I was without being able to take a shower, devised one for me. He remembered something he used to do when he sailed. He took one of those garden pressure spray tanks and painted it black, then he filled it with some the reserve water and sat the whole thing out in the sun for the day.

Once the water got warm he pumped it up, sprayed me down :-) so I was wet. I was able to lather up and then he sprayed me down for the rinse. And I happily returned the favor. ;-)

O.K. this isn't how I would want to get clean every day...but let me tell you,in a state of emergency it was pure bliss. So I'm always thankful I have such a resourceful husband. :D

Saturday, April 14, 2007

First Creations as ZNE Design Team Member

As a new ZNE Design Team member, one of my jobs is to create two new pieces of art a month for the ZNE Design Team Gallery. We have to choose a ZNE collage sheet and then use any image(s) we choose from that sheet, to create those two art works. Oh my, how tough is this? ;-)

The pieces are finished and posted into the gallery and thought I would post pictures here also. Please take a moment to vist the gallery so you can be delighted and inspired by all the beautiful work the team members are producing. There are fourteen of us so you're going to see some fun and fantastic art!!http://www.zneart.com/galleries/

My "warm up" choice for April was the Vintage Text #1 sheet and I chose the text, Positions of the hands", as my inspiration. I created what I like to think of as a vertical triptych kind of collage on 4" square pieces of wood. I have used some of my new digitally designed papers for the background with a light umber wash over each to help tie the colors together.

My second piece I chose two text images from the sheet, "dark lady" and "The fortune teller", and married them together in a digital collage. I then added that to the outside of a small (approx 2.4"x4") vintage perfume bottle. I did some embossing on the sides of the glass and added ribbon around the cap and a paper flower. I thought I wanted to add more embellishment in the way of beads and crystal but the more I tried that, the more I realized it took away from the simplicity of the little bottle and everything wanted to cover the picture. So I stopped. (Isn't that always the hardest thing to do?!)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Changing My Blog & New Papers

For my repeat visitors (and I SO appreciate every one of you) I got my blog problem straightened out. I've been working on it all day and I think now I can say it's done. You might notice it's a little different. ;-)

I loved the black background but it kept making feel like I needed to change my business name to better reflect what I think the black represented. It's a bit of a long story, but I came about my business name a bit by default and it would be just to disruptive to try and change to something else at this point in time. Thus I decided to totally embrace the Shabby Cottage part of my name and hopefully my blog now reflects my name. I think it's pretty and I always strive to make my art pretty. Even though some people turn their nose up at pretty I think the world today can never have enough of pretty. Now, did I use the word pretty enough times? :-D

So, OK, wanna see something pretty? I have spent the first part of this year digitally designing my own paper and am ready to put some of it out here in the world, see how it's received. Since I would never know what another artist might want to do with the paper I wanted to make sure they could use a wet media with the papers. So all my papers are laser printed. You will start seeing them on Ebay and Etsy. There are varying sizes of one design per 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I apologize

You may or not notice my blog is a bit screwy right now. I'm not an html expert and I was playing with some things (bad, bad me!) trying to change my header and screwed things up so bad I'm glad to be able to be even writing this post. After much hair pulling I managed to get this part back but now I have some work to do on colors and a header, so I apologize if this looks weird and hopefully you'll bear with me as I try to fix it. That's what I get for wanting to change things around! ;-)

Monday, April 9, 2007

Opinions please?

OK, this is for those of you who've been to visit me before. I'd really like it if I could get some comments on the new colors for my blog. Do you like this or do you prefer when the background was black? C'mon you can tell me, I'm wearing my big girl panties. ;-) (for you Penny) If I keep these colors I may change my header up top, I'm not sure yet.

Saturday, April 7, 2007


This week's word is Passion. Oooo, we could wander all over the map with this word but I"m going with the obvious for me. I have a deep abiding, lustful, passion for my art.

For me creating art is akin to breathing. If I could not create art I would be unable to breath, I would have strong feelings of suffocation, and feel totally incomplete. I know because I've been there.

And just like passion, my art can bring me the highest highs and the lowest lows but I can not turn away from it, my passion has become an obsession. If I'm not making art I'm thinking about it, reading about it, trying to promote it, worrying about it, (you know artist's self doubt, is it good enough, do people REALLY like it or are they just saying that to be polite).

Life is rich and full when you have a passion. I'm so happy mine in my art.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

It's cold outside but Spring in my heart!

I can't stay away from Spring images. It's one of my favorite times of the year. I created some luscious Spring tags and I'm offering a set on Ebay and a set on Etsy with the last set to be added soon.

I also listed an adorable little nightlight on Ebay last night.
Come visit me to see more pictures of these items.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

ZNE Design Team!

Whoo Hoo! I'm one extremely excited woman. I feel like dancing down the street showering everyone I see with glitter!

ZNE has inaugurated their very first Design Team and I, along with some other wonderfully talented artists, have been chosen to be a Design Team Member. Over to the right is our logo and a link to the Design Team Members and their galleries...well, soon to be galleries. We are so brand new, as of today, all the members haven't even got their information in to be put on the website yet.

The Design Team will be creating art each month from ZNE collage sheets and they will be posted in the galleries. Not familiar with ZNE? Well you need to get over there and check out one of the best websites around for all things mixed media, collage, altered & assemblege, mail art & rubber stamp artists! There are so many programs, galleries (free to members), a store, contests, and workshops and Style Trys and a forum, and well, whew... that's just to name a few. Check it out! www.ZNEart.com And once you check it out join the community. A year's membership is unbelieveably reasonable for the benefits you receive!

I feel honored to have been chosen. And if I can't dance down the street with my glitter, I'll be excited anyway. ;-)