Sunday, April 15, 2007

Being Resourceful

I really like this week's word...resourceful. I looked up the definition and here is what I found: able to meet situations... capable of devising ways and means. I like this word. I like to think I'm resourceful. Now don't tell him, but I learned from my hubby. ;-)

Once upon a time we were without electric and running water for a week due to a hurricane. We were lucky it was not a direct hit and we were able to stay in our home which was a blessing. Not everyone was so blessed that week. If ever I had a choice on which to give up, electric or water, for any extended amount of time, I'm opting for electricity every time. ;-) I find living without water to be pure misery. You can't flush toilets, you can't wash dishes, and you can't take a SHOWER!!!

Now we were without running water but we did have some water in reserve. Toward the end of the week my hubby, knowing how miserable I was without being able to take a shower, devised one for me. He remembered something he used to do when he sailed. He took one of those garden pressure spray tanks and painted it black, then he filled it with some the reserve water and sat the whole thing out in the sun for the day.

Once the water got warm he pumped it up, sprayed me down :-) so I was wet. I was able to lather up and then he sprayed me down for the rinse. And I happily returned the favor. ;-)

O.K. this isn't how I would want to get clean every day...but let me tell you,in a state of emergency it was pure bliss. So I'm always thankful I have such a resourceful husband. :D


Deborah said...

Now THAT is definately what I would call resourceful. How amazing that your hubby came up with that method.

It's so nice to have a man around the house..........err, wait a minute. Let me give that further consideration. I'll get back to you later this year.

Wild Thread Studio said...

I'm thinking I would have been resourceful at a hotel! Nice thoughts on resourcefulness, Gail. I love the SUGAR look of your blog. Pink has actually become one of my new favorite colors.

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Deb you just CRACKED me up!!!!!
Thanks Denise, I love pink! ;-)

Dana said...

Oh Gail ... resourceful ... that word just took on a WHOLE new meaning for me. I'm glad your hubby was able to help you out in that way ... desperate people take desperate measures! I think I'd do just about anything for a shower at that point ... and I'm with you ... I'll go without electrcity over water ANY day. Went without water this winter when the pipes froze in this old house of ours. With 7 kids, two horses and the goats, it was a TRIP! ;)