Monday, April 9, 2007

Opinions please?

OK, this is for those of you who've been to visit me before. I'd really like it if I could get some comments on the new colors for my blog. Do you like this or do you prefer when the background was black? C'mon you can tell me, I'm wearing my big girl panties. ;-) (for you Penny) If I keep these colors I may change my header up top, I'm not sure yet.


Stacie said...

I did visit your blog the other day when I saw the link on a ZNEtalk message, here's my opinion since you asked...

I like the pink, it's a refreshing change. But I also think that you'll need to change your header, it's better suited for the black.

But I love your header & hope to learn to do something like that one day. I'm rambling. I like the pink ;-)


Pink Paris Match said...

Personally, I think it's FABULOUSO!....but then again, I'm partial to PINK!

Pink....hee hee

Michelle said...

I like the black, but I lean towards gothesque kind of stuff anyhoo. LOL.

Gypsy Purple said...

A change is always good...I liked both, but I agree that I`ll change the header if you stay with the pink

Garden Painter Art said...

I prefer the pink. Two reasons: 1) I have a hard time reading letters on a black background. It makes my eyes jump!

2) Pink is a "Shabby" color. To me, Shabby Cottage Studio sounds soft and comfy. Black is hard-edged, contemporary and cold.

Hope this helps. I sure am glad to know that you have your big girl panties on at a time like this Penny would be proud!!

Garden Painter Art


I prefered your black background best, but the pink is nice, too. I still haven't figured out how to put my header on my page. Your new tags are just precious!

Sam I Am said...

hi gail..
i loved the black.. but sometimes its good to change a little bit :)
either way.. you still rock :)