Saturday, April 21, 2007

Six Questions

Instead of a word this week our art group has a list of questions to answer. I"ll do my best! :-)

1. What's your day job?

I work in the world of mixed media, collage and altered art. I am working hard to build an online business with my art, which means I spend most of my time either on the computer or in my studio creating. I'm still struggling to find a balance between the two. If it exists. I have a supporting husband and my only children are canine and feline so I feel blessed that I do have the time to devote to this, because both worlds take a lot of time.

2. How do you define Creativity? How does it look in your life? What allows you to be the most creative?

Gosh, for me, creativity envelopes such a large world. I guess I've never really thought of a definition for creativity. I just find it to be a part of me as much as breathing is a part of me. I like to think I"m creative most of the time :-) but I think I'm my most creative when I'm around other creative people. I find such a strong synergy that develops when creative people get together that is quite heady and exciting!

4. When did you start blogging? What prompted you to start?

I began my blog in Dec. 2006. I initially started my blog as another building block in getting my name out there and my work more known. Never in my wildest dreams did I know how addictive and how fun blogging would become for me. Nor did I realize how many new art friends I would make and be able to communicate with. I have just as much fun discovering other artist's blogs as I do blogging on my own. I have met some of the most amazing artists through blogging.

5. Who/what are your major influences and inspirations in your blogging?

Other blogs inspire me. There are some of the most beautiful and amazing blogs out there and people are sharing wonderful pictures that inspire me. And it's comforting to see, through other blogs, that there are many people out there who love and enjoy the same things I do.

6. How does blogging reflect (and/or feed) your creativity?

For me it's a nice way to feel connected to the creative world. I have other artists stop by and comment on my work which is always a nice motivator to keep going, doing what you love and also to sometimes feel like, OK, maybe I'm on the right track.


Deborah said...

Cute blog, Gail! You do very well.........

Michelle said...

Gail, you are one of those blogs that I come to to get inspiration - you have a real gift for expressing that creative process.

These were great answers, thanks for giving us that insight.

:) (I've been a bit out of the loop and have missed stopping by more frequently - forgive me!)

Dana said...

Those are fun questions, Gail ... enjoyed your answers very much! I do wish you well in finding a balance between computer/studio time. I have to add in my kids ... LOL ... and I have yet to find a good healthy balance. *giggle* Your blog looks wonderful with the edition of the background, too! Have a great day ... Dana

M.Anderson said...

There are days I have to say no computer til xy or z is done. The internet, while helpful in ways is also a real creativity hacker. I always like coming here and seeing what you have done and what you have to say.

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Thanks ladies...YOU inspire ME! And M, I'm trying to start to do's like telling the kids, OK no tv until your homework's done, room cleaned etc...:-)

Sam I Am said...

You are very inspiring..i too check in on your blog just about every motivate us all to want to do better :)
Thank you sooo much for your sweet comments on my blog.. you've made my day..and im smiling ear to ear :) :) :)

easyjourney said...

Gail,I am new to blogging and now I know what the craze is! Your blog looks great! xxoo Astrid

cata said...

Excellent questions and interesting answers.
I'm a noobie at "bloglive" but I really enjoy visiting your blog, it is so inspiring.
Thanks for sharing.
Regards from Italy.

cata said...

Excellent questions and interesting answers.
I'm a noobie at "bloglive" but I really enjoy visiting your blog, it is so inspiring.
Thanks for sharing.
Regards from Italy.