Monday, May 28, 2007

Computer Withdrawal

About 11 pm last night I was working on my computer when just suddenly shut itself off. I sat there with my mouth open in amazement. Images of HAL flashed through my head. I thought, oh dear, I think HAL just told me, enough woman, enough! But I bravely turned the computer on again and before it had a chance to boot up it shut down again. Four times I tried this and then frantically called out, "HONEY!!!!". Since it was late my DH told me to leave it off until this morning and he'd look at it. I wasn't happy about it but I agreed. He's my fixit guru.

When I awoke this morning my sweetie told me my fan had burned out. (I personally still think HAL had something to do with it because I work him so hard). And of course the closest town being an hour away and not real large, we could find no fan to fit my computer. NO FAN!!! No fan = no computer!

There is one place I'm going to try tomorrow, a computer repair shop that of course, being a holiday, was closed today. But if he doesn't have one I'll have to order online and I'm probably looking at a week before I'm back up and running.

I'm already suffering withdrawal symptoms. So, how are you able to post this on your blog you ask? Well, we have his and her computers and I'm borrowing sweetie's...until he kicks me off. :-) But all my images are on my computer, and of course, Murphy's Law being what it is, I came home from fan shopping to find I have a sweet customer on Etsy who placed an order and I can't get to the images to print to ship to her. ACK!!

I can get to our personal photos on sweetie's computer so I'm doing the only thing I can do without access to my computer and my images...I'm posting pictures of my Graciekitty.

These were taken last year when I was redoing the computer room. I happened to walk into the room and there she was sitting on top of my ladder studying that ceiling fan pull.

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!!


Dana said...

Hello Gail!

NO COMPUTER?! Oh my GOSH ... I'd be going through withdrawal, too!!! I hope you can find a fan that will work so you can get back up and running.

LOVE the pic of your Gracie ... LOL! I've seen my kitties study the fan pulls above my bed ... wonder if they've ever tried leaping up to grab one. TOO FUN!

Hurry back!!


zJayne said...

Okay, I left a message at the bottom of this page because I am new to understanding blogs...I don't know how you do it all!! So lookie there for my warm compliments! Ha~


Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Thanks Dana, I'm starting the DT's soon. ;-)


Well, at least you have a backup. Once in awhile, we need to open up our computers and blow the dust out of them. I usually say that I will do that TOMORROW! I know how you must feel not being able to get to all of your wonderful images! I would have DTs too!