Monday, May 7, 2007

Grand Opening ~ Shabby Cottage on Cafe Press

Well I did it! It's not enough to feel like I struggle to find a balance between art, life and business with what I already have going on. I had to go and open another shop! :-) But I just couldn't seem to help myself. I love designing SO much!

And of course as in all things, this shop will grow and evolve beyond what it is at this moment of it's birth. But I will stay true to my love of vintage and collage. Below are just a few teaser designs you will find at Shabby Cottage. Right now I think I stand at about a dozen different designs on all kind of product, from tote bags, to journals, to mousepads, and yes, the inevitable t-shirts and hoodies.

So please
Come visit my store on CafePress! and think about me at gift giving time. (Raising eyebrows Groucho Marx style) ;-)


Judi said...

Your work is gorgeous - it really speaks to me!

Loudlife said...

Gail - how did I miss these pictures the last time I was here? I read the Cafe Press entry! Anyway the cooking one cracked me up immediately! And I just love what you do with the digital brushes. I have to learn how to do that. Wish you lived nearby...

Happy Mother's Day,

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Judi, that is one of the nicest compliment I've received thank you so much!

Laurie, I laughed the whole time I was designing the cooking one, and it just came quick and fast to me. I love when that happens. It makes me happy to know someone else loves it too. Thank you, thank you!

zJayne said...

Wowza, you are just so so talented... I came across all this on you, your site, this blog, etc., etsy...(been a fan at eBay and youtube) from a lil blurb you wrote on a ZNE thread. Geez... how do you do it all!!

~waving with a warm smile,
zJayne [easybidness]

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Jayne, I'm honored by your warm compliments! Thank you so much. Now see, I'm usually the one saying to other people, I just don't know how you do it all! I aways figure I'm so behind in everything! So thanks for that! ;-)