Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Teaching and a Faux Finish

I think I'm back in the swing of things once again. I was out of town teaching 2 small workshops in Raleigh, NC at my friend Liz Miller's studio Artful Endeavors. We had so much fun. These were women who were brand new to our world of altered art and mixed media and they jumped right in and had a blast. We even managed a field trip to Panopolies to do some embellishment shopping. They have asked me to come back so I always take that as a sign that everyone had a good time! ;-) One lesson we learned... don't have so much fun you forget to take pictures!!!! So the only picture I have to share with you is the finished piece I did during class. It will be listed for sale later this week on Ebay.

My friend Liz is moving to a new studio (she teaches decorative painting) and wanted something special done to a wall in the new studio so I stayed an extra couple days and she helped me do a sandstone faux finish. I love this finish, it's very versatile depending on what color glaze you apply on top. Here's a couple pictures of the finished wall. The color is actually a bit more yellow than these are showing.

See all that wonderful light and space! I told Liz I was envious! ;-) By the way she inheirited those two behemoth desks from the former tenant and it took 3 of us and some of those sliding pads to budge them even a couple feet. My word, I've never met such heavy desks!


Gypsy Purple said...

Lovely walls!!!!!

Sam I Am said...

man o man...check out that space!!! way cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and those walls are THE BOMBDIGGITY!!!! :)
I hope you got to enjoy a Margarita or two after it was finished ;)

Dana said...

Hi Gail!

Love the WINGS piece you did for the class! Wonderful! And holy cannoli will you check out that SPACE! SWEET! I love the faux finish ... very cool ... adds so much dimension to the wall/room. COOL!

Enjoy the day ... and have a great weekend!