Sunday, May 6, 2007

Word of the week

Gosh, I feel like I've been away from blogland for too long but I know I really haven't. I was out of town for a while and then spent all this past week and this weekend trying to get caught up. I almost forgot our VIM word of the week, which is, comfort.

I began thinking about things that brought me comfort. They really aren't big things, or expensive things, and many times they're not even things. So, since I was just tagged I thought I'd approach the word comfort by listing some of those things that give me comfort or I take comfort from. :-)

* Coming home from an out of town trip and climbing in my own bed at the end of the day.
* Coming home from out of town and having my husband hug me and say "I missed you."
* Walking around my house after I've just given it the Olympic cleaning it so needed and everything is so neat and clean. (mind you, I'm not saying it lasts!)
* A good medium rare steak/roast and baked potato with sour cream
* Just about anything chocolate
* Climbing into bed at night when the sheets are fresh from the laundry, a nice rain is falling on our tin roof and I have a good book in my hand
* A book so good I feel like I'm living inside it and not just reading it
* A cup of hot chocolate and buttered toast when it's cold outside
* Tomato soup and crumbled crackers
* My cat laying on my shoulder purring in my ear, my dogs hugs and kisses
* My yard after it's just been mowed

* An unexpected long distance phone call from a good friend

There's more, but I've bored you long enough. Sometimes life is just good isn't it?!

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