Friday, June 29, 2007

Freebie Friday Image

It's another Freebie Friday.
Where did the week go?

Enjoy these two cuties!

Free for you to use in your personal
artwork or artwork you create to sell.
Any other use ie: collage sheets, CD's
is prohibited.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

True Confessions ~ Yes, I'm Organized

I was at a meeting of artists recently, and the discussion of the evening was organizing your art studio. This was the first time I had been at this meeting and the first time of meeting these other artists so I pretty much kept my mouth shut because I seemed to be the odd woman out. My studio is pretty organized.

As I grow older, I've succumb more and more to a disease known among ladies of, shall we say, "a certain age", that I refer to as "short term memory disorder". ;-) Now, I'm talking serious disorder here. Like, when you're sitting at your work table, pick up a pair scissors, lay them down and can't find them again. And you haven't moved from your seat since you picked them up. I know some of you out there know exactly what I'm talking about. :-)

So, I need to know where most things are in my studio or I can waste a lot of time looking for whatever I need to put my hand on at the moment. Even when it's right in front of me. So yes, I admit to being one of those artists who create better when things are clean and organized.
But the more discussions, online and in person I have with other artist's, I think maybe I'm in the minority here.

Today I actually took a little bit of time and labelled some drawers because I found myself continually opening a drawer looking for something only to discover it wasn't in that drawer but another drawer.

I also recently rearranged my studio because I actually wanted some items right out where I could see them. I moved in a dresser and have been putting assemblage type items in boxes and bins right on the dresser top. That way when I'm in an assemblage kind of mood I can just walk over and start playing with pieces to see what I might come up with to create. Plus it has four drawers and gave me more storage. :-)

I love to see other peoples studios so I thought I would share mine. Organization and all.

My favorite very old and primitive
cabinet with lots of storage.

My "new" old dresser and my "wet" table where
I do all my paint kind of work.

Storage closet ~ I'm lucky to have
a hubby who is a woodworker. I took
the doors off so I can see what I have.

My "paper & glue" table where I
spend a lot of time...except when I'm
in front of the computer ;-) I have
all my tools handy.

The other side of my "paper & glue"
table. Lots of drawers. Drawers
are good!

Monday, June 25, 2007

ATC/ACEO Background Collage Sheets

Aren't these pretty? I think they're very feminine. This is a collage sheet of ATC/ACEO backgrounds, all sized to 2.5" x 3.5" and laser printed on 110# acid free cardstock. A great starting place for your imagination! I just added them to my Etsy store this evening.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Yay, I got in an Etsy Treasure tonight!

How nice when someone chooses a piece of your work to spotlight in an Etsy treasury! My keepsake box was chosen by The Little Things.
Thank you Little Things

Check out her Etsy shop
and check out her blog, she does wonderful work

Also some of you may have noticed the background to my blog changed. Again! It's a sickness I swear! ;-)

Friday, June 22, 2007


I have found the world of mixed media and collage to be a world of warm, caring and kind people. Those of you who come to visit my blog and link to my blog give me such warm fuzzies and I can't say how much I appreciate it.

So, to enable me to give back some to this wonderful community, I've decided to offer Freebie Friday. Every Friday I will post a free image for anyone who visits my blog. You have permission to use these in your own personal artwork or artwork you create to sell. And Freebie Friday starts today with the following image. Hope you enjoy.

Artful Hugs,

Do you Need a Banner?

I am now offering Banners for sale in the Etsy shop as I previously mentioned. Although those banners are Etsy specific in size, I can create a banner for you of any size you might need for purposes other than Etsy. As long as I know the size you need, I can customize a banner just for you. Just contact me through Etsy. Since I've just started offering this service my prices are very reasonable.

Here are a couple samples of banners I listed for sale in Etsy yesterday and there are more on the way so you can always keep an eye on my Etsy shop.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm can't get rid of me that easy! ;-)

The workshop, according to feedback, was a great success. Sixteen ladies worked hard but had fun playing with textures and color. We did fun things like learning faux bricks, a faux stone wall, some gorgeous faux tile that would be perfect for a back splash, and then they learned how to emboss with texture and we added dragonfly's to the tiles. I taught them how to make faux slate and I saw some absolutely stunning color combinations!! I taught them my favorite, a gorgeous sandstone textured finish...which if I could I'd put in every room in my house! LOL

Nine sample boards and two days later some very tired ladies left with gorgeous samples and smiles on their faces. I thank you ladies for making my job of teaching you so much fun!

My best friend Liz generously and graciously (as always) helped me prime 170 sample boards in her new and lovely studio (I added some pictures of it last month)! She helped me carry them up and down the stairs, unload and load and unload them from the van. She spent two days being my assistant and washing brushes and rollers, opening and closing containers and being chauffeur. I think she knows she has my love and admiration!

Since we wouldn't have time after the workshop to run around and do some of our fun shopping we did it the day I arrived and "pre-awarded" myself with a little gift for working hard. ;-)

Isn't this lantern pretty? I hung it in my studio above my work table. I've been playing catch up this week and I'm working on adding more collage packs to the Etsy store and I've also started adding Etsy banners for sale and will be adding more as time permits.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm Giving You a Break! :-)

I'm heading out of town in the morning to teach a weekend faux finish workshop in the Raleigh-Durham area. Now, I don't want any wild partying going on while I'm gone. Because if there's any wild partying going on I want to be there too!! ;-)

I'm sure you all must be getting tired of me listing my digital designs so I'll list these pictures and then you'll have a break from them while I'm gone. I've been on a digital creating jag and as Kat so aptly put it in a comment below, it's been wicked good fun!!! These designs will end up over at Etsy and elsewhere I'm sure. Remember, don't party too hard without me! ;-)

Monday, June 11, 2007

More Digital Collage - Way To Much Fun!

Once I get started creating I find it so difficult to quit. Everything that pulls me away from the moment is such a know those silly things like cleaning house, cooking dinner, running errands, doing laundry. :-)

Here are couple more cards I made with some new collage designs and am putting in the shop on Etsy. I've got to say I'm having a fantabulous digital ball and don't want to stop!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Sometimes I surprise myself.

You know how people are always saying, think outside the box? Heck I've been known to have "think outside the box" conversations on more than one occasion.

But do you ever find yourself so busy just trying to keep everything afloat that thinking outside the box gets kind of shoved to the back burner of your creative mind? Maybe you don't. But I do find this happens to me. So when I actually REMEMBER this wonderful piece of advice and achieve that momentary status....I'm thrilled.

The following is my digital "think outside the box" creation and I just love how it turned out so much I couldn't create with it fast enough so I created an art card (blank inside) with co-ordinated envelope and I'm putting her up on Etsy tonight with a sigh of great satisfaction. ;-) And I know you'll see this image again...somewhere... maybe on the outside of a box! :-)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

New Work going up on Etsy

Well one good thing comes from having a computer down. I spent more time in my studio rather than in front of the computer. Here are photos of some items that are being listed on Etsy this week. And oh yes, I have more collage packs going up and I'm adding some new collage sheets.