Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm can't get rid of me that easy! ;-)

The workshop, according to feedback, was a great success. Sixteen ladies worked hard but had fun playing with textures and color. We did fun things like learning faux bricks, a faux stone wall, some gorgeous faux tile that would be perfect for a back splash, and then they learned how to emboss with texture and we added dragonfly's to the tiles. I taught them how to make faux slate and I saw some absolutely stunning color combinations!! I taught them my favorite, a gorgeous sandstone textured finish...which if I could I'd put in every room in my house! LOL

Nine sample boards and two days later some very tired ladies left with gorgeous samples and smiles on their faces. I thank you ladies for making my job of teaching you so much fun!

My best friend Liz generously and graciously (as always) helped me prime 170 sample boards in her new and lovely studio (I added some pictures of it last month)! She helped me carry them up and down the stairs, unload and load and unload them from the van. She spent two days being my assistant and washing brushes and rollers, opening and closing containers and being chauffeur. I think she knows she has my love and admiration!

Since we wouldn't have time after the workshop to run around and do some of our fun shopping we did it the day I arrived and "pre-awarded" myself with a little gift for working hard. ;-)

Isn't this lantern pretty? I hung it in my studio above my work table. I've been playing catch up this week and I'm working on adding more collage packs to the Etsy store and I've also started adding Etsy banners for sale and will be adding more as time permits.


MaryAnn said...

That is a beautiful lantern. Glad you had such a wonderful time and great success. Good to have you back though :)


Your friend Liz is a true treasure!