Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Digital Collage Sheets now Available

Admit it, so often we just want what we want, when we want it. I know I love the immediacy of receiving images via a download or email these days. I see it becoming more and more popular and I enjoy visiting sites where I can make a purchase and have it within minutes or hours. It makes me say Hoo Ha!

I have begun adding collage sheets to my Etsy store that I will digitally email to you. Unless I'm sleeping or, rarity of rarities,out of the studio, you will more often than not, receive them within minutes rather than hours.

I have just started so inventory will continue to be added as I get them made. Below are what I have available at the moment with more coming. (Babylicious to be added tomorrow 7/25) And of course the watermark will not be on images received.

Flirty Flappers

Kids and Their Pets


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