Friday, July 6, 2007

Freebie Friday

I just want to take a moment and say thank you to all who visit my humble little blog. And especially those of you who take a moment and leave me such wonderful comments. Thank you, thank you.

It's another one of those, oh, my goodness, is it Friday again, kind of weeks. I hope everyone had a great 4th, and got to spend time with the family, eat some great picnic food and see beautiful fireworks.

I'm hard at work in the background working on the new Shabby Cottage Studio store & I hope to unveil before too long. It's a giant learning curve for this artist and I'm putting in lots of hours. So my poor little studio, while organized, ;-) calls out to me in loneliness and longing. LOL

So all that said, here's your image and I know this one will certainly inspire some gorgeous artwork. The pink, blue and brown colors are "so today". ~grin~


Rachelle said...

I love that you post these every week. Good art karma to you!

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Oh Rachelle, thanks I can always use good art karma!!

primdollie said...

Oh this is lovely dear and of course so is your blog!!! and yes always nice to know we made it thru another week so that is always a plus and hope you'll get the shop up and going soon that will be awesome!!! have fun with it too though or it will make you crazy!!! Hugs Linda

Altered Kat said...

Adorable pic Gail!

CCs Whimsies said...

So pretty!! I love your blog! Christy

Die Hohe Dame said...

thats a cute pic! love it!

Loudlife said...

Thank you so much for the pictures Gail! And what personality in that little girl in the blue jumper!

You are such a dynamo - I consider you one of the pioneers of our world. You're into everything, I swear I don't know when you sleep!

Anyway, thanks again - talk to you soon,

Filipa said...

Your blog is so cute!!

Gypsy Purple said...

Just love these


I think those girls are going home with a new doll. What do you think? I so enjoy your blog. It's like taking a wonderful vacation every time I visit.

Hugs to you, Gail!


Cherie said...

Hello Gail!

I first saw you at eBay, one of my favorites sellers, and then from my dear friend Penny Cork, on her blog page. So, I thought I'd take a little trip tonight, just checking on everyone's lovely work and see that you are now at Zazzle! So am I, Penny too! Welcome, I left you a message there as well!

Your art is so wonderful! And so is your blog!

Visit anytime!