Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New items for Etsy

I have some new stock for Etsy this week. I'll be adding more collage packs. I also have some new cards I keep calling in my mind the "Paris Collection" Sounds grand doesn't it! LOL I seem to be Paris and French obsessed these days. Maybe it's an ooo la la fever?! ;-)

I also created a flag book. I was inspired by one I saw in Somerset Studios Gallery magazine and wanted to try something I've never done before. I listed it in the shop tonight.

I will be adding more during the week. I wish I could just load all the listings at once, it sure would save me time. But alas, if I do that my listings get buried within seconds. So I do like most sellers over there, I list a few at a time through out the week. If there was another way believe me I would do it! ;-)


Michelle said...

this is really beautiful and I love the paper assortment!

MaryAnn said...

How neat! Cool book! Glad you haven't disappeared I was beginning to worry.


Seems to me like you should be planning a trip to Europe! - Teresa