Friday, August 10, 2007

Freebie Friday

"We're havin' a heat wave, a tropical heat wave..." I've got that song stuck in my head as the heat crashes in on us and I wonder if we're breaking any records, because I don't think it's been this hot in the six years I've lived here in the mountains of Tennessee.

A dear friend from Florida called last night and told me it was hotter up here than where she lives in Florida. Now that's hot!

We live in an old farmhouse that is 80 years old and has no air conditioning. And we've never really felt the need for it as we have 10 foot ceilings and impossibly high windows. Usually a box fan has taken care of any heat we have felt since our move here.

But after spending the first part of the week being miserable in the heat, I told my hubby Wednesday night that I thought even my eyeballs were sweating. I had gotten nothing done because the heat was so unbearable. Needless to say we bought and installed a window unit that night. Now my computer room and studio are blissfully comfortable once again.

When I got to Lowe's Wednesday night a couple was loading an AC unit into their car. When I arrived on the aisle where I knew the units to be, another couple was walking off with their new unit. The shelves were almost bare! I thought I was glad I hadn't put if off any longer.

The nice man that helped me told me he had been on that aisle all day selling AC units! By the look of the shelves I believed him. It reminded me of living in Florida when a hurricane warning was announced and you went to the store to stock up on supplies, only to find them almost gone because everyone else had gotten there ahead of you.

My cart loaded with a nice new unit, I headed toward the check out counter passing another couple discussing what size unit they needed, as they headed toward the AC aisle and the nice smiling man awaiting them. I think it was a good day for Lowe's!

So as I sit here at my computer, and cool air washes around and over me, I give you your image. And I'm smiling. :-)

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