Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I Love Blogging

When I started my blog I never realized how much I would come to love it and how addicting it could be. I live a very quiet and simple rural life. There is no close art community to join, and certainly I have found no one around me that even knows terms such as altered art, mixed media, collage, let alone love it as I do.

One day I was bemoaning the fact of having no "community" here in the mountains, with my best friend Liz over in Raleigh. It is the one thing I sorely miss since we have moved. But Liz, in her ever present wisdom, made the comment that I do have an arts community. She told me my community was now online. I realized that she was absolutely correct and that thought has stayed with me ever since.

Through my Ebay groups, ZNE, Etsy and my blog, I have started to find a community. It is one of the most warm, caring and giving communities I've ever experienced. And it blows me away that I feel this way and have never personally met any of my new found friends. How I would love to grab all you wonderful artists, put us all in a huge room and give every last one of you a hug. I thank every one of you who have visited my blog and those of you who have left such wonderful, and so very often, beautiful comments. As always from my heart to yours.

My blog has received a Rockin Girl Blogger blogger from Evie at Bread and Cicuses and I'm so honored and humbled. Thanks so much Evie! And then I found out I also got a nomination from Laurie and I'm blown away again. Who wouldn't love blogging when there are so many rockin' ladies here in blogland!

So now I get to nominate 5 Rocking Girl Bloggers... so here ya are ladies!

Beyond the Vintage Path
Altered Art by Amber
Dancing Girls Art Studio
Small Treasures
Loudlife Laurie BlauMarshall


Once Upon a Cottage said...

I feel the same way, Gail! I live in a teensy town near the appalachian foothills and I get a lot of "what's that for" when I am wearing some of my jewelry or get up the nerve to show someone my collages. It's so weird, when I first discovered collage and mixed media - I immediately connected to it in a way that other art had never affected me.

So Here's a BIG hug, from computer land to one of my favorite artists!

Francesca said...

You are a star Gail, and definitely a Rockin' Girl. Thanks very much for the nomination! :D

Loudlife said...

Gail! Of course I nominated you - you rock! Thank you for your nomination, too!

Although my situation is somewhat different than yours and Lennea's, I was lacking an art community as well until I found it online. I'm so thankful for the internet and for you guys.

Thanks for being part of my community, Gail.