Thursday, August 9, 2007

Some Goodies I picked up on our Road Trip

I have to say that I bought in large part ephemera such as old books, sheet music, & old magazines. I was hoping to find more in the way of old cabinet cards, vintage photos, and more vintage laces and ribbon but those items were limited in the area we were in. The 25 miles we managed to cover in two days certainly wasn't much out of 450! So those goodies may have been out there.

I can't imagine how anyone can do the whole 450 miles in the four days this event runs. Unless they shop fast with feet of steel. Liz and I are not fast. We are great examiners of all that we see! ;-) And for me on the second day I admit my feet and the heat really got to me so I slowed down even further.

Below are pictures of some of my fun goodies and you'll never know where they may turn up. You might see bits and pieces in my Etsy shop and on my "Coming Soon" (hopefully!) new website. So keep an eye out.

circa 1925 and 1910

old ledger and composition book

OK, the eggs aren't old but I loved the colors
The postcard and wooden blocks are vintage

I fell in love with these old bird cards
Keep an eye out for a collage sheet with some of these beauties!

Shabby Chic vintage buttons...aren't the colors yummy!
vintage mother of pearl buttons, old laces, vintage baby rickrack
and ribbon...again more yummy colors!

A close up of some of above



Oh, did it ever look like you and Liz had FUN!! You found some goodies and I can't wait to see what you do with them!!

Flea Market Queen said...

You found some fun!