Friday, September 28, 2007

Another TGIF!

I put out a question out over at the ZNE Network about renaming my Freebie Friday since there are already a couple out here in blog land and I don't' want to confuse anyone. Ms. Chel of ZNE fame suggested TGIF, Thank Goodness It's Free! So I said, I'm all for that, and TGIF it is from now on! Unless a small avalanche starts in my brain and comes tumbling down with any better ideas. But I'm not to worried about that kind of problem at this time. ;-)

I'm sitting here looking at some new product that arrived in the mail this morning. I still have to photograph it, write descriptions, price, and figure out shipping weights. Then I get to through all the funny little hoops of actually getting all the information into the administrative part of the store. What did I get? I'll give you a teeny hint.

I received some kits that are adorable with a real vintage feel. ANd once you're done, you'll have an wonderful small ATC holder to keep or give as a gift (filled with ATC's of course!). But I only bought a few because I wanted to gauge the reaction to them before I order in quantity. So don't forget to stop by next week and visit Shabby Cottage .

It's breezy in the mountains today, a touch overcast at times as though it can't make up it's mind whether to rain or not. I'm in my favorite professional office wear, perfect for chilly weather, and oh so tres chic for a hard days work in the favorite comfy sweats, tee shirt and a long sleeved shirt on the back of my chair for "just in case". You always have a "just in case" when you live in a drafty, high ceilings shabby old cottage. :-)

And just in case you thought I got confused because of the name change, let me say Have a Great Weekend and here's your free image. Just in time for some Halloween creations!

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