Friday, October 12, 2007

Post Secrets, Whimsy & TGIF

When I signed into my blog today my eye happened to catch the Blogger Buzz, (which I usually ignore). It was blurb that went like this: PostSecret: A Lifetime of Secrets Congratulations to Frank Warren... blah, blah, blah..... , which was not so interesting on it's own. But along with this blurb came a video trailer of people putting their secrets on a postcard and placing them inside this book in bookstores. Which was good enough to catch my curiosity and make me delve further. I ended up at this blog Post Secret.

I sometimes realize I am really not up on things, as apparently Frank Warren is an award winning author, and this is his fourth book in this series. Actually Amazon probably says it better than I ever could:

"For the past three years Frank Warren has invited people of all backgrounds and nationalities to send him creatively decorated postcards bearing secrets they have never before revealed. He has shared these PostSecrets on his award-winning blog,, in an internationally traveling art exhibit, and in three electrifying books: the bestselling PostSecret, My Secret, and The Secret Lives of Men and Women. "

Anyway check out his blog, it's well worth the visit. They just recently hit their 100th million visitor! Talk about a community art project.....the video gave me goosebumps.

I have a big warm thanks and a hug for Deena of
Sweet Annee Tattered Works of Whimsy for featuring myself and some photos of my work on her Whimsy Wednesday this week. If you haven't been to visit Sweet Annee, please take a moment and pop on over. Deena's blog,like Deena herself, is warm and inviting, like a crackling fire in the fireplace on a cold winter day. And the music she's playing sends me over the moon!!

And finally here is the freebie of the day. Every time I see this image for some reason I'm reminded of Miss Gulch (the witch played by Margaret Hamilton) in Wizard of Oz, riding her bicycle. Go figure. Must be because it's Halloween month :-)

Don't forget to pop by the store, the free collage sheet offer ends Tuesday. And as always my many thanks to all of those of you who do stop by!


Flea Market Queen said...

Thanks for the freebie...
she reminds me of Miss Gulch too!
Have a wonderful weekend...

zJayne said...

Thanks for the blurb on the Secret Author. I remember hearing about that book on NPR quite a bit ago and never looked into it...with your link I spent an enjoyable time and appreciated the break!! Thanks!

Also will finally be using one of your freebies soon and would love for you to see it and will recognize your gracious sharing!

~waving, zJayne