Friday, November 30, 2007

TGIF and New Collage Sheets

You'll find these new collage sheets in my web store and in my Etsy store. They're great for a cottage or shabby Christmas. Use them as gift tags, in your own art work, or string them together for a shabbylicous garland or hang them as ornaments. Add glitter and rhinestones and ribbon and dress 'em up for some holiday fun!

I'm sure those of you who bake for Christmas (me? no, I just enjoy the eating part!) have already started on your holiday goodies. So in honor of all you baking goddesses here's your free Friday image. Have fun! Stay warm and hope your weekend is grand!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's Beginning to look like Christmas

Actually if we had some snow then my blog title would be more appropriate. I think it was in the 50's today here in the mountains! But I'm doing my best to awaken those Christmas feelings. :-) I added a holiday header to the blog as a starter.

Then one thing that helped is my soul sister, and painter extraordinaire, Liz Miller of Artful Endeavors in Raleigh, NC, sent me a photo of a recent painting she had entered in the state fair this year. She won Best of Show! Of course for me she's always been Best of Show and I'm proud to say that many, many years ago, I was one of her students. And speaking of students, not only did Liz win a ribbon but several of her students won ribbons also! Quite an accomplishment I'd say! Congratulations to you all!

And then I have admit to having way to much fun creating this new collage sheet. I call it Shabby Christmas. Cut them out and use as tags, or add them to your holiday artwork. I'm working on some more similar to this one and you can find it now (and at least one more, if not several, to come as soon as possible) in my store under Holiday Collage Sheets, along with a lot of other Christmas-y collage sheets and tag sheets.

This is what I call Shabbylicious!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

TGIF Image

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, got to eat to their hearts content...I know I did ;-)...and enjoyed their day however it was celebrated.

I know so many people have a long holiday weekend and isn't that marvelous! Ours is being spent finally painting our dingy old hallway...and heavens that silly hallway has six doors. SIX! I told my dh that it is certainly way to many for one hallway and how wonderful it was that he decided I should be the one to paint the doors, and the stair bannister's and handrail. See how sweet he is to me. ;-)

Such a busy day, I almost forgot to post an image!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

My First Swap! Ever.

Yes, yes, it's true. I've never done a swap before. So, what rock have I been living under, you ask? I haven't a clue. I guess I always felt so busy and was concerned I'd never get something done within a proscribed time limit. But I finally took the plunge and I have to admit, it was quite painless. In fact it was kind of fun. In fact it was enough fun that I've decided I have to try this swap thing again.

This swap was for an ebay group of altered book addicts ;-) I belong too. What is interesting about this swap is we actually have guidelines to do an altered page, front and back, with correct placement of holes, of either a 5x7 or 6x6 size. Then once you collect enough of these pages, you put together your own altered book! And because you have to follow the guidelines for the exact placement of the holes you know it will all come together in book form, waiting for you to bind it in whatever fashion you choose. Quite cool eh?

So I did my page as a pocket and here it is!
My first swap! Ever. :-)

Front (see the holes to the left?)


Large surprise tag in the pocket.

I hope everyone had a marvelous Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I've made a new friend. Her name is Denaz and she lives in England. We met and became friendly as I worked on a number of custom graphics for her Etsy store and her new and upcoming website. She makes the most amazingly beautiful jewelry. Or I should write it, jewellery, as they spell it over across "the big pond". ;-)

Denaz says, "My passion is combining old with new and reinventing jewelery. I am also a real magpie when it comes to colour and I like to think I add a bit of magic to everything I make!" She is and she does! Mixing vintage with new to create her special magic, Denaz even waved her wand over me. I never thought I would like pink and orange together...until I met this special lady.

You know Christmas is that very special someone a very special gift from England! Take a trip over to her Etsy Store joyandjewels to see some of her magical offerings! She is a joy to do business with and her shipping from the UK is very reasonable.




Monday, November 19, 2007

The Beauty of Blogland

I don't know that my defninition of The Beauty of Blogland really needs explaining. It's simply my little tag for, not only the beautiful blogs I'm always discovering, and try my best to get around and visit, but also for the beautiful artistic souls behind all these delicious blogs and their heartfelt generosity.

My friend Amy of Razz Pizazz Boutique is having a giveaway over on her blog and you need to run, not walk, over there and leave a post so that you can be entered to win one of her fabulous notecard or pocket and tags package!

Her work is gorgeous and if you win you'll find yourself very happy to have one of these beautiful packages. :-) I promise!

Friday, November 16, 2007


Aren't they cute! Created by Design Team member Kim Newberg of ImagesbyKim from one of the two new Choose Your Own offerings at Shabby Cottage Studio. These are the Petitie Giftie Bags that you customize by choosing your own paper design from our growing selection. Absolutely perfect for ATC's!

And what about this?! A sample of the new double sided papers also of the Choose Your Own at Shabby Cottage Studio. Now you can customize your own papers!

I posted about these yesterday, but being goofy with a head cold, Iforgot to post pictures and we all know how much more fun it is to look at pictures than read text. ;-)

And of course I haven't forgotten it's TGIF. Here in our mountain area of Tennessee we had our first snow flurries yesterday. They didn't stick, and today you'd never know they visited, but in honor of those that came and went I give you your freebie image of the week.

Everyone have a great weekend! Hard to believe next week is Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

New at Shabby Cottage Studio - Create Your Own Product!

It's true, you really can! I've added a new category in the store and it's called "You Choose". There are two different products in this category as of now and I think you can have a lot of fun with them both. So go check them out, let me know what you think!

First is
Petite Giftie Bags and you get to choose what paper you want it printed on. As of right now you have 37 choices of paper designs with more being added often. When you put this bag together it is adorable and just the right size for ATC's, small gifts, money, candy etc.... Once you're on the product page click on Gift Bag Ideas to see what my wonderfully talented design team has come up with for their first project and to get your muse juice stirrin'!

The second item are my new
Double Sided Papers. And you get to choose your design for each side! Again you have 37 choices right now with more coming. It's like creating your own paper and the possibilities are delicious! And the prices are great!

So both these items are just like being able to create your own product to your taste! How cool is that?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Trash to Treasure

My sister and BIL have been remodeling a house since last March. She hired me as the "decorative consultant", whatever that means, except I know I had a blast saying, "oh you should buy this", and then watching her buy "that"! I figure if I don't have the money to spend it's just as much fun helping someone else spend theirs! When they sold their house the new owners bought all her furniture so we had a heck of a lot of stuff to buy! :-)

Of course I worked hard too, and earned my money with faux finishes, painting walls, painting and staining unfinished furniture, sewing valances, that sort of thing. A few weeks ago she found these chairs I had in the basement I bought to recover and put in the shop...when I had a shop, but never got around to it. She bought them from me and I agreed to recover them as part of the price. (She drives a hard bargain, yessiree).

I love chairs and have spent years buying old ones no one loved anymore and making them into new ones that someone else could love. Depending on the chair, sometimes I would paint them with a decorative motif and sometimes I would paint and skirt them. Often times I combined the two and painted, skirted and then painted a motif on the fabric. This chair is just skirted. We loved the old paint finish so much and it went perfect in the room it was planned for we left it alone.


Close up of Skirt

Front of the back.
I used a floral fabric, then covered that with a polka dot sheer

Back of the back. I love mixing florals and geometrics

And in it's new rightful home

Didn't it turn out pretty in her red painted breezeway! So feminine and flirty!

We're just about to the end now. I think....oh, wait, she wants me to recover the lampshade on that desk, oh and yeah, we do have another chair just like this one she wants done for her bedroom. And then the other night she did call all excited because she finally figured out what she wanted to do to the old fireplace mantel she bought off me...she wants me to paint roses and vines and leaves...... before Christmas...........

Well, we'll get there yet.......I think. ;-)

Friday, November 9, 2007

Inevitably every Friday comes, whether or not we feel we've accomplished what we planned for the week. If we have reached our goals there is a nice sense of satisfaction. If we haven't we're left wondering, where did the time get to, I didn't get everything done! Personally I like that warm glow the sense of satisfaction imparts. But more often I find myself saying, where did the time get to, I didn't get everything done! And then I try to add what I didn't get done this week to next weeks plans. But this week I'm feeling that warm sense of satisfaction and I'm going to enjoy it. :-)

We have this rooster in the neighborhood who doesn't realize he's not supposed to crow all day long, every day. Lately I haven't heard him and this morning I was wondering if it's because my windows are finally shut for the season and storm windows are in place.....or if someone got tired of listening to Mr. Rooster. So on that note I leave you with your TGIF image.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Here's a small preview of some of the items just added to the store inventory. I love this snap closure box because I think it can serve a dual purpose. Though sold as a keepsake box, I turned it on it's end, and instantly thought SHRINE! Of course there's no denying it would make an adorable keepsake box
or a wonderful box for a precious altered book! ;-)

As soon as I opened the delivery box I fell in love with this paper mache house .

And the ideas just began popping so of course I had to save one for myself! ;-)

I've started adding Christmas themed Collage Sheets and digital collage Christmas Cards for those of you who plan ahead.

So stop on by the store and and check out the What's New Category for some more fun altering goodness!

Friday, November 2, 2007

I'd like take a moment and put faces behind the names and links of the Design Team. Be sure you follow their links (to the right) and check out their wonderfully creative works! It's been a busy week and later this month we'll see their first creative efforts for Shabby Cottage Studio.





Carole Dawn


(so talented for her age!)

Well the year is fast approaching it's end and hard to believe the time has come so soon, but then, I say that every year. :-) I know I'll blink and it will be the day after Thanksgiving and we'll all be complaining about how much we ate, but boy oh boy, wasn't it delicious and worth every bite?!

So in honor of fast approaching turkey day I give you your weekly image. Enjoy and have safe and happy weekend!