Sunday, November 11, 2007

Trash to Treasure

My sister and BIL have been remodeling a house since last March. She hired me as the "decorative consultant", whatever that means, except I know I had a blast saying, "oh you should buy this", and then watching her buy "that"! I figure if I don't have the money to spend it's just as much fun helping someone else spend theirs! When they sold their house the new owners bought all her furniture so we had a heck of a lot of stuff to buy! :-)

Of course I worked hard too, and earned my money with faux finishes, painting walls, painting and staining unfinished furniture, sewing valances, that sort of thing. A few weeks ago she found these chairs I had in the basement I bought to recover and put in the shop...when I had a shop, but never got around to it. She bought them from me and I agreed to recover them as part of the price. (She drives a hard bargain, yessiree).

I love chairs and have spent years buying old ones no one loved anymore and making them into new ones that someone else could love. Depending on the chair, sometimes I would paint them with a decorative motif and sometimes I would paint and skirt them. Often times I combined the two and painted, skirted and then painted a motif on the fabric. This chair is just skirted. We loved the old paint finish so much and it went perfect in the room it was planned for we left it alone.


Close up of Skirt

Front of the back.
I used a floral fabric, then covered that with a polka dot sheer

Back of the back. I love mixing florals and geometrics

And in it's new rightful home

Didn't it turn out pretty in her red painted breezeway! So feminine and flirty!

We're just about to the end now. I think....oh, wait, she wants me to recover the lampshade on that desk, oh and yeah, we do have another chair just like this one she wants done for her bedroom. And then the other night she did call all excited because she finally figured out what she wanted to do to the old fireplace mantel she bought off me...she wants me to paint roses and vines and leaves...... before Christmas...........

Well, we'll get there yet.......I think. ;-)


Patti said...

Wow, Gail!... You are one multi-talented lady!! To take a forlorn-looking chair & make it look so classy takes vision & creativity! I'm impressed!! :)

(...what I want to know is, do you ever sleep?! LOL :) )


Amy said...

Just fabulous I love the buttons on the back... Makes the chair look so inviting :) You are one gifted soul!
blessings always :)

Mercedes said...

Wow, Gail, you recycle absolutely good!!

TiffanyJane said...

Ooooo Gail, LOVE the chair!!! We sure have alot in common, I have had Holiday sales for about 12 years now and in most of them, I love covering, or painting old chairs or stools to re~sell! And I'm always painting or decorating for someone. It's even more fun spending someone elses money! :)
The chair looks Fabulous!!

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

THANKS ladies! :-) I'll tell my sis you liked the chair. I'll post the other one when it's done.

My Vintage Studio said...

Gail, WOW what a great job on the chair! Love the colors ~ fabrics you used. Sharon W.

My Vintage Studio said...

Gail, WOW what a great job on the chair! Love the colors ~ fabrics you used. Sharon W.

Linda said...

ty for sharing your before and after shots. Just lovely. I love the way the chair turned out. I would have never thought of using the floral with the's just perfect. Beautiful job and thanks for the VERY encouraging comment at my blog Gail!

Miss Sandy said...

What a lovely chair! I am new to your blog and enjoyed my visit very much.
Miss Sandy

SweetAnnee said...

Gail that is the sweetest lil treasure and it
does look marvy on the breezeway..Wish you
lived closer to me..You could be my designer!!