Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tagged Again! :-)

OK, I think most of us know how this works, I've been tagged by the talented and sweet spirited Ivan of Ivan Chan Studio Hi Ivan I'm waving at you because I haven't "seen" you in while. Thanks for the nice comment you left! ;-)

So here goes,

1. I've been watching what I eat since last January and I just celebrated losing my 40th Pound. It has motivated me to say I want to lose 20 more. I'm very happy with the thinner new-old me but another 20 would make me ecstatic. And if I can do 40 I KNOW I can do 20. The secret I've learned is to not be in a hurry. I didn't put on the weight in a matter of weeks, it won't come off in a matter of weeks.

2. I was named for the 50's actress Gail Russell, who I understand my dad liked. Why? I simply haven't a clue!

3. My grandmother passed away in 1993 and I miss her to this day.

4. When my 4 legged buddy/best friend and child, Taz, had to be put down suddenly in 1997, I cried for about 48 hours straight. To this day I can't think too hard about him and our last minutes together as we waited for the shot to go into effect. The last thing he did before he shut his eyes forever was lick me on the arm. He was so weak and ill it was the only spot he could reach to kiss me as I held him. Ohh, see I'm tearing up.

5. I don't like to be yelled at from another room in the house. If you have something to say to me, wait until I'm in the same room or come find me. So sometimes when DH tries to tell me something from another room in the house, my hearing must be going bad because I simply can not hear him. ;-)

OK, now you know more about me, however interesting or not that may be. :-)

I also want to share a new blog header I created for the lovely Pam Carriker of The Bag Lady's Art. We both liked the way it turned out!


Sherry said...

Gail, another fabulous banner!! You are really so talented!!
I love the meme and knowing more about you (I was named for Sheree North, another actress of that era and I've no idea "why" either!!). I hate being yelled at from another room...I'm with you..if you need me, come find me unless you are prone on the floor and can't get up!

Congrats on the weight loss..I wish I had your will power. I was doing well and then lost it somewhere along the way. Must get back to my good eating habits.

Flea Market Queen said...

Congrats on the weight loss!
Good for you...
The banner is so divine too, I love it!
Happy Holidays...

Eccentricities Studio said...

Hello Gail!

I wanted to stop by with Warmest Wishes for a wonderful Christmas ... and a fabulous New Year, too. :)

I love the new blog header you created for Pam @ Back Lady's Art. GORGEOUS!!!

Have a fabulous day!


brenda bliss said...

Gail--the banner is awesome!!! And CONGRATS on 40 lbs. How'd you do it?
Brenda Bliss
named after Brenda Lee