Friday, January 18, 2008

Another TGIF Rolls Around

And I managed not to miss this one! I swear, this week was busier than last! Now mind you, I'm not complaining. It was a very good busy and it made me happy but short on a lot of time.

The SCS Design Team was hard at work even right after Christmas! They have outdone themselves with Valentine projects. Check out their projects on the front page of store and then once you're there you can click on the project images to see even more inspiration and what collage sheet they used to inspire them. Yay team!

I added new goodies in the store last weekend and didn't even get a chance to blog about them. I've added a Stickers category. Here is a sample of the Vintage Brass/Cream Hardware stickers but the photographer isn't a professional so the items that look purple in this picture are really more of a blue. ;-)

Right now I have four different themes in this category. The other themes are Office Altered, Wonderful Women and Fond Recollections. These are nice stickers, with good images and no white around them.

I added a Fabric Collage Sheets category. Here is fun sample of these 100% cotton, paper backed sheets. They are ready to be glued or sewn. There are three themes in this category. Women, Feathered Friends and Family.

Women Fabric Collage Sheet

And last but not least I added an unmounted Stamps category. I decided to just start with one theme of these stamps to see what kind of response I got.

The stamps are called Bird Notes and boy, did these stamps sell out quick! These are WONDERFUL stamps. They are Clear Art Stamps so you can see where you are placing your image, they are a already cut out for you so just peel them off their backing paper and stick them right to an acrylic block (and yes I sell those also). Voila! You are ready to stamp. Personally I think I like these birds better than (gasp!)the Cavellini birds. ;-)

Like I said they sold out quick but I have more ordered and they will be back in stock mid to late next week. I also ordered a couple more themes...Cherubs, French Mail and very limited quantity to see how they go.

Here is your Free TGIF image for the week.

I'm on my way to the Post Office and the grocery store...I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


~*~ Patty said...

I can see why your Bird Notes stamp sheet sold out so quickly; it's wonderful!!! How would I find out when I might order a sheet?
Thank you for another lovely download image!

avalonrosedesign said...

Hi Gail,

Your work is so beautiful! Kudos to you for sharing your wonderful talent!


Sherry said... guys have been busy and you've added so many wonderful wonder these bird stamps sold out...they're wonderful!!

Thanks for the image!!!

Carol said...

Hello Gail,
as usual I cannot remember who I just visited to happen upon your lovely site. Your work is really nice and I will be back to spend more time checking out all that you do and have. I am adding you to my list of places to go to and look forward to stopping by again...


Eccentricities Studio said...

See ... all that work on promoition and marketing is finally paying of HUGELY! I'm SO happy for you, Gail ... LOOK AT YOU! :) YOU ROCK. Your stuff is awesome and I'm loving everything you're doing these days. CONGRATS ... YOU ARE WELL ON YOUR WAY and I'm so excited I can say, "hey, I knew of her way back when ..." ;)

Have an awesome week!!!


Loudlife said...

Gail, I am so in love with those bird stamps! I'm going right over to the store to see if I can order a set even though you're sold out so that I can be sure to get some of the new shipment.

You know, I do wish I lived in a house with more "character," but I think in my dreams "character" has central heating!

Stay warm!