Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Sunday All!

I hope everyone is having a great day. Here in the beautiful mountains of rural Tennesee, while it is sunny and with a nice blue sky, it is bitterly cold, made more so by a strong breeze. Of course it's also cold inside if you live in a shabby almost 100 year old house like I do.

2008 is the year we're supposed to get new windows for the first floor. About 14 of them, and ten of those 5 1/2 feet tall! Windows that big, and that old, and are not well sealed, can let a lot cold air in a room. I'm here to tell you. And I mean HERE, right now, as I type, my right shoulder and hand feel icy cold. :-) On a really windy day or evening, since I sit with one of those large windows directly to my right and in front of me, I can actually see papers on my bulletin board flutter. We have a gas heater in the computer room but on those days I still end up wrapping a blanket around me and keep on working. Nothing like dedication, huh?! ;-)

I'm also here to tell you, those of you who dream of living in an old house "full of character"...if you never might want to rethink that whole character thing. ;-) Unless you have pot of money for upgrading and remodeling. I visit other blogs and see beautiful pictures of beautiful (warm) rooms and I sigh gently. I think, I love my old shabby cottage, but sometimes......

Okay, enough waxing on about the beauties of living in an old house. I want to share some new goodies with you that I brought out of my studio yesterday. And as always, I admonish you to ignore the quality of the pictures. My DH is building me, as I type, a new light box and I'm searching for a better lighting system. SO keep your fingers crossed that the images WILL get better! ;-)

Chipboard Tags decorated with our own
The tags have already SOLD but more will be coming.

Paper mache heart box with Glitter Bird and florals.
Added this to the store today. It would make a great
Valentine gift!

Bottle Full of Dreams is a
wonderful old bottle that has been
given a glamorous face lift and lots of Bling.

Now this little cutie came out of the studio last week.

It's been a while since I've created an art doll and it was fun
creating this fairy doll. In real life she sparkles and shimmers more than in the picture, as herwings are covered in Silver German Glass Glitter, and also around her face.

One last item today. I have created a new category in the store.
It's called The Flea Market and while it is small now I will continually be adding to it. You never know what you'll find there!


Sherry said...

Ooh I feel your cold Gail!! It's cold here and we've got old windows as well -- but this isn't an old house full of characters (and holes for the wind!!)...spring is on the way!!

Lovely lovlies you are adding..and I'm not surprised the tags have already sold!!!

Stay warm!!!

Auntie Joy said...

We live in an old house in Oregon and I know what you mean by breezy by the windows. We get ice inside the windows, makes for a headache if you sit in front of it too long. I thought we would have all the remodeling done in 6 months and 13 years later... I love your work and I especially love Cindy and Lisa's new banners.

Liz Miller CDA said...

Your writing makes even an old drafty house sound romantic. Love all the birds!

Kristin Hubick said...

Very yummy! I esp. love the chipboard tags!!!!!
How are you Gail?? I'm good! I finally have the new site up :).
Let me know what you think!