Friday, January 25, 2008

Last TGIF of January

I have to say, Oh my goodness!, is January really almost over? Didn't we celebrate ringing in the New Year just last week? Which leads my mind to .....and is it possible that my dad really turned 78 this week? I always seem have such a strong image of him in my mind as never aging. And even when the evidence is right under my nose, pointing at me saying...look, look, we're all growing old... I just want to crawl into the bed of denial.

It's not that I fear old age and death, and truly it's not something I dwell on. But, what often accompanies the aging process sometimes scares me witless in the deep of the night, when all things are at their worst, when the worry bogeyman scampers in my sleepless mind. And so as I see these days brush past us at the speed of light I just want to grab them and pull them back. I want to say, NO, not yet, not time for you to go, stay awhile, keep me company a little longer.

So, that's not what I knew I was going to say when I started this just kind of came out of my thoughts about this month speeding by like a bullet train. ;-)

I am very excited to share this with you. My friend and decorative painter extraordinaire Liz Miller, CDA is teaching two classes this spring using Decorative Papers from Shabby Cottage Studio.

The first class is being taught at the Heart of Carolina Tolers decorative painting club. They will be making a gift bag from our papers and then painting a rose on watercolor paper to add as a decorative element to the bag. It is absolutely adorable, and here's the proof. ;-) The paper she used in this sample is our Distressed & Grungy Pink Damask.
You can also find a template for this bag in our store and actually choose which paper you want it printed on.

The next class Liz will be teaching at her studio in Raleigh, Artful Endeavors. The will take a plain art journal and cover the outside with our Decorative Papers and then paint a design on the cover.

Here is the sample Liz did using several of our papers.

When this class is over her students will have such beautiful art journals!

And as always, last but not least is our Free Image of the week. Another image that would work well for a Valentine project.

This weekend my dungeon of a bedroom is finally getting painted!
Hopefully I'll have time to post images of the new inventory in the store. Until next time dear hearts, hold tight to today, once it's gone it never comes back.... ;-)



Auntie Joy said...

Wish I lived on your side of the country. Those bags are so beautiful. I know what you mean about time passing by..My dad is 84 and I don't know how it could be possibe. I'm certain he just turn 50 a couple of years ago..

Kristin Hubick said...

Hi again! No, I didn't get your message from the site? And I just did a test run and sent a "contact" using another email addy and it worked? Hmmmmm... would you mind trying again just to see? I'm concerned now :). Thank you! Hope you get balanced :).

Sherry said...

Well, if I lived in that area, I'd definitely be taking these classes!!! Your papers are perfect for this Gail -- and I hope you will be given photos of the finished products that you can share.

I know what you mean about time speeding by on a bullet train (loved that!!) goes much, much, much too quickly.

Congrats to your dad on his birthday -- 78 is so young -- it all becomes "relative" after awhile, doesn't it?!? :)

Happy bedroom painting!!!!

SweetAnnee said...

Pictures of the bedroom PLEASE!!!!

love, Deena