Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The New Year Has Begun

I hope everyone had a marvelous holiday! Ours was simply delightful. Our trip to visit our best friends was joyous and filled with hours of laughter and simple abundance.

After dinner the first night it was announced that we had to bundle up and walk off our dinner. Now it's cold out and it's DARK out. Liz and Rick live in an old farmhouse in the country and the moon was behind the clouds, so I do mean dark. We were admonished not to look behind us, nor to look to our left.

SO with our hostess leading, we got in single file and we went around the porch, down the porch, through the yard, out to the road, down the road....remember, all holding hands and walking in single file trusting our hostess to lead us not into a ditch or a mud hole. I of course got a bad case of giggles, then had to start singing...but they got me soon got me to stop the caterwauling. ;-)

Then we were led down the back drive and out in the field in front of us was a HUGE "Christmas" tree all lit up in multicolored lights!! It was beautiful and the most perfect way to end a wonderful day. Thanks Liz and Rick for sharing part of your holiday with old friends. You are loved greatly.

The next day we had a wonderful lunch out with the guys and then they went their way and we went SHOPPING. Upon arriving back that evening, we found the "boys" had a built a fire in the nice big fire pit Rick built out back and so Liz and I bundled up with some extra clothes (it's still cold out mind you) and joined them. We ended up so comfortable and lazy we ordered a pizza delivered and sat around the fire eating pizza and drinking wine. What fun and I always consider it a treat if I don't have to cook!

And so now we begin the first day of 2008 and we will see what the year will bring. I for one hope to get in the studio more now that the website is built. But I'm also on the prowl for more inventory to add to the store in hopes of making it bigger and better this year.

My creative muse apparently came back well rested because she's been in the studio whipping up some treats and I'll get those posted as soon as I get the pictures taken.

Until then everyone enjoy this day and I wish each and every one of you a happy year, a peace filled year, a year of joy and prosperity.... from the bottom of my heart.

Sweet Southern Hugs & Smoochies


The Bag Lady's Art said...

Oh Gail, what a fun new header! So romantic, with a touch of whimsy! How much fun does your time with friends sound? Too cool! You are a doll to help me with my banner size handicap-lol! I appreciate it. Looking forward to our next zne challenge!

Sherry said...

Love your new banner Gail...very fresh start for '08.
Glad that you had such a wonderful time with your friends...sounded very relaxing..and perfect for the "muse"!!!
Looking for wonderful wonders this coming year!!

Altered Kat said...

Happy New Year Gail!...may 2008 be filled with creativity, inspiration and happy healthy times!

Kat :o)