Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Oh I've been hard at work!

Well the New Year has given a jump start to my creative muse and she's actually been able to sneak in the studio for some art time. There are more ideas percolating for later when she can sneak off again, but this is what she's come up with for this week. Plus there is a new art doll waiting for fact I think I just heard her in the wings saying "I'm ready for my close up Mr. DeMille". ;-)

I just added this hot little double sided number to my
Etsy shop. Love the Red German Glass Glitter. Very passionate!
TheGerman Glass glitter is sold in the web store and the images are from the Microscope Slide Collage Sheet called Lovers.

This luscious Silver German Glass glitter number has found it's way into the web store. And again I used images from the Microscope Slide Collage Sheet called Lovers

This very Paris, very French, very tres chic banner also found it's way into the web store today.Glittered, flowered and beribboned...ooolala

This nice sized (24") banner is full of "MIRTH" and celebrates the coming of spring and a new year. You'll find it also in the web store.
I hope everyone is having a great week so far!


Gina2424 said...

You have been busy!

You have been duly awarded an award on my blog. Wow, that sounds exciting, huh? Come see:

Sherry said...

Oooh la la are loving the German Glitter Glass and it's awesome!!! You're on a roll with the muse...lovely goodies!!!

SweetAnnee said...

OOH la la!!
love it all

Mercedes said...

wow, that glitter is stumming

The Bag Lady's Art said...

Hey Gail, guess I have to get in line to give you your award-lol! Go check out my blog to see what ya got! Love your new pretties!

kim aka imagesbykim said...

Uh ohhh!! You have been dubbed with a second award, too late I already posted it on my blog.:)

See you are a very special lady!!!

Oh, and please stop making such beautiful art, I can't even finish my own stuff nevermind being inspired by you even more! I think I need another lifetime!


Garden Painter Art said...

Oh Gail, such lovelies you have to offer. Isn't it great to find that muse?

Garden Painter Art

Kim said...

How wonderful they all look, you HAVE been busy! I have challenged myself to do a little art every day... I hope mine look as good!


Hats off to your muse! It's so nice to see the wonderful creations you have come up with, Gail. I'm having fun in my studio this week - everyone is off working and out of my hair.