Friday, February 15, 2008

Confessing my Addiction

I have an addiction that made itself most glaringly obvious to me this week. I was happily working away on my computer Tuesday evening, just tap, tap, tapping along, when suddenly out of the blue my computer just SHUT ITSELF OFF! I swear someday HAL is going to give me heart failure.

I off course, being very computer smart and savy, immediately went to work to discover what the problem could be..."HONEY!" I called "my computer just shut itself off and won't turn back on!" I will deny to anyone the touch of panic in my voice.

To make a long story short my cpu fan had burned out and as usual there were none to be had locally and had to be ordered. Two and a half days without the use of my computer was long enough to uncover the hidden truth. I am totally addicted to my computer! I felt lost, I felt unable to concentrate, I felt unable to CREATE! My muse fled and I was left stranded with myself.

So I can no longer hide from my truth, my long hours in front of this screen can no longer be excused by claming, "yes, but I run an online business". I must step up to the plate and finally admit...Yes, I love my computer, I love working on my computer, I love the tap, tap tapping of the keys. I love receiving and sending email, I love working and creating in my photo editor. And there you have it dear friends, my addiction exposed.

So now that my ugly secret is out I can move on to other things with a clearer mind. My fan came today and was installed and I'm back in action. ;-)

I wanted to share with you something I received in the mail earlier this week. I joined a swap in one of my groups called a 1-2-3 Mingle. We had to create three pieces, a 1", a 2" and a 3". Once the swap closed a list was made and we are to send our pieces to the person below us on th e list.This is what I received from Suzanne the person above me on the list ...aren't they just lovely?! Thank you Suzanne!

And now mine are ready to go in the post and this is my interpretation of the

And here is your Friday TGIF free image.



Sandie R said...

Gail I think they need a 12 step program for us computer addicts. I can relate to all you were saying. However can you imagine almost 2 months with out your computer. I had to send mine back to manufacturer for some work and guess what. UPS lost it. Took a month to finally get it to Acer then another 2 weeks to get it back. So see I can understand and can commiserate with you. Here's hoping it doesn't happen again.

Sandie R said...

Forgot to say thanks for all the lovely images you give us.

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Oh dear Sandie! I fear my sanity would have been in peril and I would be bald from pulling my hair out! ;-)

Susan said...

I can relate, totally. A week ago my e-mail screwed up. I could receive (thank goodness) but not send. I was lost without it! We are all too dependent. Love your 123 swap interpretation. Are you continuing with the ZNE DT?

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Oh it's so nice to know I'm not alone in this affliction! ;-) I am Susan...YAY!

Mary S Hunt said...

you expressed it perfectly!