Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I was cleaning up some image files today and thought I'd share a few with you just for fun. I spent many years as a decorative painter. For many years my love and passion was finding old and unloved furniture and turning it into something that would inspire people to take it home and give it a new life. I also loved painting murals and faux finishes in people's homes,turning their plain blah walls into something more than blah. This I knew was what I would be doing the rest of my life...I could only hope to die with a paintbrush in my hand.

Then some life changes brought about an unexpected burnout...but I thought it would pass as I had been through them before and they never lasted long. But this time it has now been about four years and I still don't want to pick up a paintbrush and do so only under duress.

So treasure your passions because you just never know. I have new artful passions now and I don't push myself to paint, hoping that one day the feeling for it will come back the way it went. And in the meantime I have my photos to remind me I didn't imagine it all. ;-)

Bathroom wall garden mural

Same client, different wall in another part of the bathroom

Fun wall mural in a store

old bed

Clients bedroom

my dining room floor, old linoleum painted to look like
hardwood floor and then a faux rug painted on top

A corner of my dining room with an aged
& textured faux finish on the walls

old dresser
Hope you enjoyed the pics! :-)


Lyn S said...

Your work is truly beautiful, I hope your passion for it returns one day. TFS, you have such a talent!

The Feathered Nest said...

My goodness Gail!!! You are one talented woman! I've painted furniture before as well, but never the beautiful murals with the detail you have. It seems as though I reached a burnout with the furniture. My main reason was that clients did not want to pay for all of the work involved in what I did....all the different steps of priming painting detail painting distressing antquing and finish coating. Oh well, to everything there is a season....your work is so incredible though, I just can't get over the detail in your murals, just beautiful! xxoo, Dawn

The Bag Lady's Art said...

Oh Gail, how beautiful! All I can say is if your passion for it never comes back, you certainly left your mark on this world with all of that lovely work. I think most of us who have been working in the arts and crafts for years, 20+ yrs for me, go through phases of doing one thing and then you just get burned out after awhile. We give it our all and then don't have any more to give after awhile! What's so fun about art is there is always some new thing to learn:-) Your computer work is so wonderful, now I see where you get your eye for it. Keep creating in whatever form it takes!
hugs friend,

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, Gail. You are very talented!


Susan said...

Gail, your work is outstanding! How talented you are. I love that faux rug!

Lola Enchanted said...


Sherry ~ Cherie ~ ms. herbes de provence said...

Gail, your talent and your creativity is evident in all that you do. Life is a continuous cycle and the best thing we can do is to move within the cycle. And your message here is so crystal clear - following passion. We must always. And if we have a dream? We mut follow it - whether it works or not. A dream unfulfilled or unexplored is a tragedy.

Anonymous said...

I love all the paint!! I would love for you to just pick up the brush and love painting again and then come down to my house and paint something in Hannahs room so that it can be cute, or at least super cute and then you could come to my room and help me make it livable!! I need to take picas and bring them up and get your opinion of what to do. okay, too much written. love ya! ~ Kimberly ~

TiffanyJane said...

Ooooo Gail, I don't know what I like best!!! I do esp. like the faux finish in the dining room wall!!!! All so beautiful!!

Mary S Hunt said...

I faux paint, but honey...it don't look like this!