Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's Raining Flowers at Shabby Cottage Studio

Whether your Spring has arrived or you are still waiting for her to come and stick around, I have flowers for you. I just added more flowers to the store and they sure are pretty and just waiting for your Spring projects!

Along with our Blue and our Pink Forget Me Nots, I just added more Forget Me Nots and some Roses

Those of you who know me know I have a serious thing for chocolate so I just added some fun Chocolate and White Bakers Twine in 5 yard increments for just $1.00!

I love to create tags. I just think they are so versatile and fun! So here are some I listed in the Etsy store last night.

Sold~ Thank you!

Unpunched tags! Sold ~ Thank you!

Paris Tags strung with our Chocolate and White Bakers Twine!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Over Hill and Dale

Yesterday I went on a little road trip with my DH. He had to go to a house being built in Virginia to measure for handrails. The company he works for said they'd buy our lunch/dinner. So what girl can resist that kind of invitation. A day spent with hubby and free food. ;-)

Little did I know that this supposedly, two hour drive, would turn into a three hour drive, and that at least one hour of that drive would be spent going up and down 3 mountain ranges. And I DO mean up and down and all around, switchback roads galore. Mountains usually don't bother me but I have to admit to being slightly queasy feeling by the time we started our descent of the third mountain top.

A quick stop on the road to take a shrouded picture of the valley below.

But the scenery was pretty, the day was nice and I was just happy to be in the company of the man I love. And it also made me realize something. I. Am. Not. A. Country. Girl. Okay, I thought I live in the country since our move to TN. But we are no way near being in the boonies as this house! As you can see from the picture. I took that picture standing at the top of their driveway and the road you see stretching into the distance is not a road but their driveway!

I decided I could visit a place like this and enjoy the solitude for a vacation but please don't make me live in this vast sea of hills and cows and no people or shopping. So I wondered what that did make me. I'm not a city girl...I've never lived in a big city nor had the desire to. I've spent all my life in and around small towns and that is where I probably fit best. So I figured I must be at heart a townie!

Our trip home...we found another route. :-) We stopped in a little town called Tazewell, VA and ate at a restaurant in an very cool old bank building. Now I could have had steak or shrimp or any of the delectable looking dinner items on the menu. But for a woman who has spent the last year and 3 months not eating bread and potatoes and noodles, I opted for the Philly steak and cheese and a side order of onion rings. Hands down, no exaggeration they were the best I have ever eaten! It would almost be worth the drive just to eat there once again!

I took some pictures of what is starting to pop up around the house.
I give you two freebies today. Hope you enjoy them. Happy TGIF!! And have a GREAT weekend!


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Problem Fixed. Yay!

Our servers are back up thank goodness. No one likes computer problems do they? Apparently there was some huge server crash in Philadelphia today and affected millions of cusotmers, my server being one of them. Everything came back around 5pm. Now we'll just hope it stays that way. (Fingers crossed)

Server Problems?

I just wanted to leave a post for anyone who might have been trying to access without success. I also cannot get into my store and can not get to my server so the only thing I can figure out at the moment is that the server site must have had some kind of crash. I can not access anything to do with my store, not even the hlep desk to ask for help. ;-)
I'm sure they are working on it as they are usually pretty good and usually quick at fixing anything like this. I can only hope and wait. SO if you have placed an order please accept my apologies for not being able to get to you at this time.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Goodies added to the store.

Being sick certainly puts one behind schedule doesn't it?! I woke this morning feeling more back to normal than I have in a while so I thought I would get some items added to the store that have been sitting here staring me in the face waiting for pictures to be taken. Plus I added some items last week I just didn't have energy to blog about. ;-) I'll add pictures and links to these also. So here we go.

Can you tell what this used to be?
It was a double switchlight cover until I got hold of it. :-)
I turned it on it's side and liked the idea of the light switch openings used as a miniature shadowbox and my muse took over from there.

I've added some new Maya Road products
Scrolly Flower Rubons
Chipboard Stackable Blossoms
Don't you just LOVE these little delicate flowers!
Blush Pink Paper Forget Me Nots
Blue Paper Forget Me Not Flowers

Vintage Lotto Game Pieces

Vintage French Vocabulary Cards
Vintage Anagram Game Pieces

An Altered Frame (The center area is for your photo)
I've got some new tags also but they'll have to wait until I get them listed and the pictures taken.
This is plenty for now! :-)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Good Friday. Happy Easter

I know a lot of you have a 3 day weekend and I hope those of you who do have been enjoying the start of the holiday. Here in mountains of Tennessee today we've been having very spring like weather, but we have been warned of possible snow flurries Easter Sunday. Go figure. Mother Nature is definitely a woman! ;-) I am slowly beginning to recover from a terrible flu that seems to be going around and still tire very easily. But I'm glad the the worst seems to be over.

I discovered that I have been honored with two awards. Wow. This has been an interesting month! Ebay's Artists' Choice Awards are over and done with and I was thrilled with just being nominated and then I turned around and actually found myself the recipient of two of these virtual awards. Thank you to whoever voted for me! There is some absolutely amazing talent over there, so I'm humbled to have found myself a part of the whole scene!!! It's nothing I would have ever expected. So you can be sure to see my new awards in my sidebar shortly. :-)

So my energy is spent now and I know I'm late again with our TGIF free image but here it is. In honor of the reason for your long weekend. I hope everyone has a peace-filled and Happy Easter. God Bless.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And the winnnner is........

Do you think this bowl is pretty?
I do.
I collect red transferware - florals only.
This is my favorite bowl.
These are slips of paper with the comments
every one was kind enough to leave.
These are those slips of paper all folded up and
placed in my favorite bowl.

I decided to wait until Mr. Shabby got home so he could have the honor of picking a name. I think he did a good job. :-)

And here's who he picked.

CONGRATULATIONS TRUDY!!!! You are the winner of the free Somerset Digital Studio magazine! If you click on this link Trudy you can safely send me your address:

I wish I had a magazine for each and everyone of you! Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments, you guys lift my heart!


Friday, March 14, 2008

A cool way to Market Your Artwork

If you are an artist you know as well as I do that most of us who are artists, are on a budget. And we're on a budget because we're artists and you know the whole spiel about "starving artists". Over the years, and as a painter and as a mixed media artist, I have been involved in countless discussions on marketing one's artwork in an affordable manner.

This past fall I met two sweet,wonderful ladies, Erin and Mary, who have what I think is a wonderful product and a great and fashionable way for artists who are in the market to sell their artwork, to market their work at an absolutely reasonable cost.

The very best way for any artist to sell their work is to be able to talk about it. No one knows your work better than you. But a lot of us don't want to impose our work on others, we want the interest to be real. And a lot of us who are artists are sometimes introverted so trying to sell one's work is a very difficult thing. But, if someone asks you about your art, aren't you able to wax enthusiastically and intelligently about it? You should.

Mary and Erin own a small indie company called Pursue Your Art and their product are all U.S. made... I believe Erin told me in Milwaukee (sorry Erin if I got this wrong). The company is called Pursue Your Art and they make and sell purses that are walking advertisements for our art! The purses sell for about $30.00 so it is a reasonable cost and they have a couple different styles available.

The explanations and pictures are all on their website and they can explain it better than me but the gist is this...their purses have clear pockets on the outside that are just right for copies of your artwork. One purse has pockets that are ATC size and the other one has larger pockets.

Mary purchased a digital art print from me for a Christmas present she was working on for Erin and I have included pictures of the front and the back of this unique and beautiful one of a kind purse Erin now has. You can add any kind of papers for the background of your art and even change them out on a frequent basis.

Okay artists, think about this for minute...if you carry this purse wherever you go, your artwork is always on display and I guarantee you, people are going to ask you about your purse. What better way to tell them it's your artwork and hand them a business card! Even an introvert like myself can do THAT!

Erin and Mary are even having a contest over on their blog so you should hop on over and vote so you might have have a chance to win one of these really cool purses! It ends tonight so you'll have to hurry. Sorry for the short notice. I just heard about this last night.

Ok, have I waxed enthusiastically enough? I promise Mary and Erin are not paying me, nor did they even ask me to blog about their purses, LOL, I just think their idea is a cool and wonderful one and wanted to share it! Go visit their store and their blog, look at their pictures and think about all the places you go where you carry your purse ladies! And definitely think marketing opportunity!

This is the style with ATC sized pockets

And don't forget to leave a comment on my Give Away post for a chance to receive a free copy of Somerset Digital Studio. As for me, I'm headed to Pursue Your Art's blog to vote and maybe I can win a purse!

Okay, now here's the TGIF free image for you and I hope this post finds everyone happy and healthy and looking forward to a grand weekend!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm Having a Give Away :-)

Somerset sent me a free Digital Studio maggie and since I had already purchased one I decided to give this brand new magazine away to someone who leaves me a comment to this post. I don't care what you say, just be nice.;-)

You have until midnight March 18. Next Wednesday, March 19, I will pick a a random name and you will get this magazine absolutely free! And don't worry I pay the postage. That's what absolutely free means.

SO if you're interested in learning a little more about digital and you want to see some inspiring digital artwork (check out Art and Ghosts - she's AH-mazing!)

Tag Happy

I've just added the blue tags to the store. They're a set of 6.

These were also added to the store. Another set of 6.

These tags can now be found in my Etsy store

NEW Collage Sheets have been added to the store

Pink Ladies

ATC Backgrounds

Spring Potpourri

Hat Fetish

And a new Art Print Added "Fairy World"

And now I have to go off to the gym becuase we've had company for the past few days and all we did was eat, eat, eat! :-) I hope Wednesday is being good to all of you!