Friday, March 28, 2008

Over Hill and Dale

Yesterday I went on a little road trip with my DH. He had to go to a house being built in Virginia to measure for handrails. The company he works for said they'd buy our lunch/dinner. So what girl can resist that kind of invitation. A day spent with hubby and free food. ;-)

Little did I know that this supposedly, two hour drive, would turn into a three hour drive, and that at least one hour of that drive would be spent going up and down 3 mountain ranges. And I DO mean up and down and all around, switchback roads galore. Mountains usually don't bother me but I have to admit to being slightly queasy feeling by the time we started our descent of the third mountain top.

A quick stop on the road to take a shrouded picture of the valley below.

But the scenery was pretty, the day was nice and I was just happy to be in the company of the man I love. And it also made me realize something. I. Am. Not. A. Country. Girl. Okay, I thought I live in the country since our move to TN. But we are no way near being in the boonies as this house! As you can see from the picture. I took that picture standing at the top of their driveway and the road you see stretching into the distance is not a road but their driveway!

I decided I could visit a place like this and enjoy the solitude for a vacation but please don't make me live in this vast sea of hills and cows and no people or shopping. So I wondered what that did make me. I'm not a city girl...I've never lived in a big city nor had the desire to. I've spent all my life in and around small towns and that is where I probably fit best. So I figured I must be at heart a townie!

Our trip home...we found another route. :-) We stopped in a little town called Tazewell, VA and ate at a restaurant in an very cool old bank building. Now I could have had steak or shrimp or any of the delectable looking dinner items on the menu. But for a woman who has spent the last year and 3 months not eating bread and potatoes and noodles, I opted for the Philly steak and cheese and a side order of onion rings. Hands down, no exaggeration they were the best I have ever eaten! It would almost be worth the drive just to eat there once again!

I took some pictures of what is starting to pop up around the house.
I give you two freebies today. Hope you enjoy them. Happy TGIF!! And have a GREAT weekend!



Sherry ~ Cherie ~ ms. herbes de provence said...

Oh what a ride!!! And I'm with you -- not a country girl at all. I love to look and visit and vacation...but I need to be close to "city" in suburbia is good for me...almost the best of both worlds.

Oh I envy you these gorgeous flowers -- I've still got mounds of snow and ice - no sign of anything "living" just yet!!!

Sherry ~ Cherie ~ ms. herbes de provence said...

Oh and I have to tell you, I found a copy of Somerset Digital yesterday while shopping downtown..none of the book stores in the burbs would have had it but since I was in downtown Toronto I thought I'd look and sure enough, Indigo had it!! I love the spread on you -- I feel like I know someone famous!!

Carey Lynn said...

Nice blooms! Hey, country is a nice place to visit---but I wouldnt want to live there:)

Sandie R said...

Gail these flowers are gorgeous. As for country living, if living that far out ment I didn't have to listen to the neighbours dog bark continuously all day long I'd take it.

TiffanyJane said...

Ooooo Beautiful, love the pics Gail!