Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sharing the Goodies

I'm behind in posting pictures so I'm going to jump right in and start sharing some fun items I recently received in the mail.

I belong to the ZNE Design Team and we did an April Showers Swap that was a whole lot of fun. I'm sorry but the chocolate is all gone, even the wrappers are missing and I really don't think I'm to blame...I mean is it NICE to fill a box full of chocolate goodies and then expect the recipient to BEHAVE and not EAT any of the CHOCOLATE before pictures are taken? I don't THINK so!! :-) You chilruns are evil to send such good chocolate to a no-account-lily-livered, weak-willed-chocoholic like myself! I hope you're ashamed of yourselves. I mean GEE! (Ermmm, can you send more please?)

But at least I have a pictures of all the other fun and lovely gifts that my postman brought me. Oh was THE postman...he ate all the chocolate! (heehee)

Such fun goodies!

And THEN (gee I'm using a lot of caps tonight aren't I?!)
I got this most beautiful, amazing piece of GORGEOUS are work in the mail from my friend and very talented artist Pam Carriker who has some exciting news to share on her blog, so go, visit Pam. Thank you Pam!!!! {{{I'm sending hugs!}}}

These new tags have been sitting around waiting for lights, camera, action! AND finally they got it, last night they were listed on Etsy. The blue ones can be found here.

while the pink and black Paris tags can be found here.

Then I'm happy to announce that we have some new inventory in the store. Two new stamp designs have finally arrived.

These Bird Lovers stamps are one of the larger sets and should make all you bird connoiseurs happy! There are 20 mix and match stamps in this set!

And this is another large stamp set, a brand new design for 2008 called Cherish
and it has 17 mix and match stamps. Great for any romantic project you're working on!

Two new fun items just in are these chipboard sets.
The Little Girl Outfit comes with the pockets and bow and buttons and collar. It is absolutely adorable!

The Little Folding House, which comes with a door and windows, trim and more has been moving fast! So many possibilities as it opens up and the inside can be embellished also!

And finally we have the Bird Notes and French Mail back in stock. We've been waiting for a month.

Well I'm tired so I'll sign off now. But I'll be back tomorrow with the TGIF free image. :-)


The Bag Lady's Art said...

You're so welcome Gail, you are such a pal to be so patient while working with me on my lovely new banner and accessories! Pretty, pretty tags, and ooooo, you had to go and get some more birdie stamps!
Love the ones I already got from you.

Sherry/Cherie said...

You always have the most wonderful things...and then you receive even more beauty!!!

Sam I Am said...

oooooo what yummmy tags and lotsa eye candy here :) :) :)