Friday, April 25, 2008

TGIF in the Country

This morning when I returned from the Post Office I stepped from my car and looked up across the road and this was what I saw. Something about it compelled me to go get my camera.

Cows under the old apple tree
A little closer look

This week has been beautiful and I have been weeding and mulching flower beds. I thought I would share what is blooming in my yard at the moment.
Closeups of a new Rose climber I just got.

The money plant is so pretty when it blooms.

This little bush is in it's last throes and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what it is? I inherited it when we bought the property and I would love to have more. My bff told me that in her neck of the woods they used to call them peach roses but that it isn't the proper name. When I tried to Google peach roses of course all I came up with were peach "colored" roses.

I finished some new tags and listed them in Etsy yesterday.

I have lots of new inventory in the store and just haven't had the time to list them here. I'll try to get htat done but if you're curious you can go to the What's New page and check it all out. :-)
And finally here is your TGIF Friday free image. Since I have flowers on my mind I thought I would give you aflower image. Enjoy!

I wish everyone a great weekend! I'm off to plant some sunflowers. :-)


Lori said...

Hi Gail - this is Lori from Etsy Cottage... I LOVE your blog!! You are so creative!!

That shrub - or plant, I believe is a cherry tree - a flowering cherry tree. I have several in my yard. I planted them when we built our house. Ours have just finished blooming, unfortunately. I look forward to them every year. I tried to copy a link for you, but it didn't work here... try googling "Mount Fuji Flowering Cherry Tree," or another one "Kwanzan Cherry Tree"... this is the ones we have. let me know what you find out.

Peggi said...

Hi Gail,

I love your blog and your artwork - could spend hours here browsing, reading, enjoying the photos and art. Congratulations on being published in Digital Studio - that's awesome!

Best wishes,
Peggi (ZNE Design Team member)

Sherry/Cherie said...

Is it my eyes...or did you change the background on here?!? It's gorgeous....which makes me think it's new (that makes it sound like the old one wasn'!!!) ... the fact that my eye was drawn to it right away -- means to me I'm seeing something for the first time!!!

Your photos are gorgeous...the country life -- the little things we don't see here in the urban world!!

Your tags are tres belle!!!!

Jannie M said...

Hello--I found your blog via Nancy Dooren's VintageStamper--your photos and your art are just wonderful. I've enjoyed visiting--it's been like going on a mini-vacation! Thank you! I will visit your website, also. Sincerely, Jann

Mercedes said...

Love those flowers. Congratulations for the last Award on ebay, I didn´t see it before.

Sandie R said...

As usual Gail lots to see and admire on your blog. Love the TGIF Roses, and thanks for being so generous. As for your unknown plant, if it isn't completely done yet try taking a slip off it (with flowers & leaves) to your local plant nursery and they can probably give you an answer. Hope you find out and maybe share it with us. Don't know if it would grow here in central BC/CANADA but I could hope

cconz said...

i'm adding you to my fav blogs. tomorrow. i love your blog full of fun stuff and beautiful things. keep it coming.cathie