Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's Saturday Already?

So once again I'm not getting to the blog until much later than planned. You know, some weeks are just like that aren't they?! It was such a beautiful last day of May here in TN. So gee, I just realized, not only is it Saturday already but tomorrow is June! Yikes! Now how did THAT happen? ;-)

I'm trying to deal with getting a bedroom finished and today finally! the painting of everything is DONE! Well, except for the couple pieces of furniture I plan on re-doing. But walls, trim, molding, doors...all done. Hallelujah! This has been one long drawn out project. When it's closer to being put together I'll have to try and remember to take some pictures. I'm loving the aqua-y color with all the woodwork white

And I'm trying to get photos and descriptions blah blah blah of the new products that arrived yesterday, up in the store. :-) LOL Another slow least for me. I'll try and get pictures tomorrow

So just a reminder, leave a post here or on tomorrows post for a chance to win a custom blog banner created by moi!

I hope each and everyone of you had a GORGEOUS Saturday!
Now, back to loading inventory in the store.

Friday, May 30, 2008

TGIF Free Image, New Inventory at Etsy, Free Giveaway!

Goodness, it's getting late into Friday and I'm just now able to post. Busy day here in TN. :-) I've been loading artwork and supplies to both Etsy shops. I still have to get the supplies loaded in the web store. And UPS dropped off a box today I haven't even opened yet but I know there are some more fun new goodies inside! SO you'll be seeing more pictures later into the weekend I hope. You know that old saying...a woman's work is never done....especially when she sells online. ;-) artwork at The Papier Cottage
I call this an affirmation box as there is a postive affirmation ticket on each side of the box.

A small altered tin tray

Fairy Tags

Absolutely Fabulous Diva Tags

Rose Tags with "waterdrop"

More tags

You'll find these supplies at Shabby Cottage Studio Etsy and soon to be in Shabby Cottage Studio the web store.

Are these not the sweetest birds?! I'm so in love with these so you can be sure you'll be seeing them in my own artwork. I'm selling them just like you see them , six birds, one of each color. They go great with the forget me nots I sell. ;-)

I didn't put up all the pictures of all the tickets, just a sampling of the colors and designs. The designs come in either blue, pink or white. I have another design not listed yet.

I call these the Birds and the Bees, in Blue, Pink or White

These I call Paris Diva and again, available in Blue, Pink or White.


Don't forget, leave a comment between now and Sunday and you can win a free blog banner makeover! I'll post again tomorrow and Sunday and you can leave a comment on any of these posts to be in the drawing.

And in honor of all the wonderful flowers I was smelling tonight on my walk, I leave you with your free image. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Show and Tell Goodies and a Free Give Away

I know, I know, I just had a give away. But I didn't realize that I'm almost upon my 200th post! My goodness, I'm a talky thing aren't I? And I wondered what I'd have to say on a blog when I first started. LOL I really should have known better. ;-)

Okay, here is how it works. Today is my 197th post. Sunday I will write post 200. Between now and the end of midnight Sunday (6/1) you can leave a comment on this post or the next or the next or the Sunday's post, or all four. (One comment per post please) Monday I will use one of those random number generators and pick a winner out of the comments from the four posts (197 thru and including 200).

And the winner will receive a FREE BLOG BANNER makeover from me. How fun is that?!

Now that that is out of the way I promised I would share some goody pictures of our little weekend road trip. And true to my word here you go....

I love trays. They are so versatile and functional. I can't tell you how many trays over the years I have painted (usually roses). But I have never done a collaged tray. So this baby is getting a collage makeover. ;-)
Like so many of us I have a thing about buttons. I am always looking for the opportunity to expand my collection. I loved the graphics on the cards, especially the little blue bird.
I found some more sheet music, which I never pass up if it is priced reasonably (as I like to pass the savings on to my customers in the store). The vintage towel, old powder box and the little china trinket box I purchased for moi. I am in the process of redoing my bedroom. I've painted my beadboard walls this shade except slightly lighter. All the trim and chair rail is being painted white. So I thought these pieces will look beautiful on my dresser. My sister and I are trading bedroom dressers. Hers is painted brown and I think I will leave it brown and stencil another brown color on top of it in a damask pattern. Then antiquing and distressing the whole thing.
These I consider my fabulous big find of the weekend. The catalogs are 1885 and 1887 Butterick fashion catalogs with the most amazing b&w fashion illustrations. The color illustrations are originals also from the same company. I think you will be seeing some new collage sheets. :-)
Bling, bling. Pieces to add to art work. Whoo hoo. Gotta love the bling.
Ahhh, floral transferware. I collect red but this brown spoke to me and said I am destined for your new bedroom wall.
I'm sorry this picture is blurry. I just couldn't resist these pink (of course) lampwork beads.
Two vintage books. The Pied Piper published in 1888 and beautifully illustrated by Kate Greenaway, famous Victorian watercolor illustrator. She died of breast cancer in 1901.
Beautiful illustrations from the children's reader
And Kate Greenaway illustrations in The Pied Piper

Ahh, more buttons! A very old button card with samples...button numbers and prices written in pencil on the back.

Well dear ones that is it for this post. You can be sure to see some of these treasures turn up in art work. ;-)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Road Trip

Our sister road trip was so much fun we're talking about planning another one... or two or three.

There was really only one thing that surprised me about this trip, and that was the number of shops that were actually closed. On a Saturday... on a holiday weekend. Next time we decided we'd go on a non-holiday weekend.

My biggest disappointment was that the one store I was really looking forward to visiting, Random Arts, in Saluda, was closed! On a Saturday... on a holiday weekend. You know, people travelling, wanting to spend money. ;-)

But believe me we found plenty of places that were open where we could spend our hard earned cash. And spend we did. I do believe that one, if not both of us, left each store with a package.

I don't want to bore you to tears so today I'll just throw up some pictures of the trip and tomorrow I'll share some of the goodies I found.

This is how the morning started. But we were not daunted and drove away from home with big smiles on our faces.
By the time we reached Saluda at least the rain had stopped.

This was our first stop. :-)
Some close ups of the flowers from the shops above.

Just a couple corners inside the shops.
Oooo, vintage linens

Leaving Saluda and ahhh, the sun has come out and the day was warm and sunny from then on.

Here's a roadside place we stopped at. This is only one shot of all the bottles and glass they had.

We hit the small town of Tryon
And stopped at Elmos Bar and Grill for one of the BEST Steak and Cheese hoagies with onion rings I've had in a while!.. We both had the same thing and enjoyed every bite.

This is my sister giving me her cheesy smile, she's driving and supposed to be watching the road. Have you noticed? She's not watching the road?

We were able to stay off the interstate for most of the trip, which suits both our natures.
Our last store, our last stop on our way home Sunday.
Getting close to home!
And there it is, our little valley. Home again, safe and sound, tired and broke. Oh but what fun!

Friday, May 23, 2008


Happy Friday bloggers! I hope everyone has wonderful plans for this long weekend. I'm headed to North Carolina , about 3 hours from here, to a small historic town called Saluda. My sister and I are having a long overdue sister trip so this will be crazy, fun and full of laughter...I already know it.

While we're there I plan on visiting Random Arts , a store that's long been on my list of must visits. And of course we'll be keeping our eyes open for any yard sales, thrift stores, antique stores or flea markets on our drive. That's a given on any trip now isn't it?!

So I took my new best friend with me today on the way to the grocery store and I thought I'd share with you what I have to deal with on my weekly trip. I know, it's rough, but ya gotta go shop for food, so I just have to be strong and bear this every week. ;-)

This lake is gorgeous and this bridge is about 3 miles from our home, we are on the main road heading down the mountain. I understand that this lake is about 16 miles long with some depths up to and over 300 feet and read somewhere that it is in the top 3(I think 3?) cleanest lakes in the U.S.

It is a damned lake. And no I didn't say it's a damn lake! ;-) Back in the 40's the TVA damned a large area up here in the mountians because of dangerous flooding issues. You can just about see part of the damn in the distance in this photo below.

They actually flooded a whole town back then to create this lake. The people were offered to have their homes moved by the TVA and a lot of them accepted the offer. We live in one of the first homes moved. So, there is a fun little history fact for you on this beautiful Friday here in TN.


If you're into vintage then you need to jump over and visit
Faith's Vintage Vanity as she's having a vintage giveaway to help celebrate her new blog and her birthday! And if you blog about her giveaway she'll give you two chances to win. Way to go Faith! Hope you've got me down for two chances. LOL
And here is your free TGIF image, in honor of sisters everywhere. Hope you enjoy and have fun with it.

Have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND y'all! I'm going to! I'll be back in a few days.

Ciao Bellas