Friday, May 23, 2008


Happy Friday bloggers! I hope everyone has wonderful plans for this long weekend. I'm headed to North Carolina , about 3 hours from here, to a small historic town called Saluda. My sister and I are having a long overdue sister trip so this will be crazy, fun and full of laughter...I already know it.

While we're there I plan on visiting Random Arts , a store that's long been on my list of must visits. And of course we'll be keeping our eyes open for any yard sales, thrift stores, antique stores or flea markets on our drive. That's a given on any trip now isn't it?!

So I took my new best friend with me today on the way to the grocery store and I thought I'd share with you what I have to deal with on my weekly trip. I know, it's rough, but ya gotta go shop for food, so I just have to be strong and bear this every week. ;-)

This lake is gorgeous and this bridge is about 3 miles from our home, we are on the main road heading down the mountain. I understand that this lake is about 16 miles long with some depths up to and over 300 feet and read somewhere that it is in the top 3(I think 3?) cleanest lakes in the U.S.

It is a damned lake. And no I didn't say it's a damn lake! ;-) Back in the 40's the TVA damned a large area up here in the mountians because of dangerous flooding issues. You can just about see part of the damn in the distance in this photo below.

They actually flooded a whole town back then to create this lake. The people were offered to have their homes moved by the TVA and a lot of them accepted the offer. We live in one of the first homes moved. So, there is a fun little history fact for you on this beautiful Friday here in TN.


If you're into vintage then you need to jump over and visit
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And here is your free TGIF image, in honor of sisters everywhere. Hope you enjoy and have fun with it.

Have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND y'all! I'm going to! I'll be back in a few days.

Ciao Bellas


Faith's Vintage Vanity said...

Thanks so much! And yes you are entered twice! Oh and thanks for the picture, I will sure use it.



If my sister can get over the idea that gasoline is going to be quite pricey, we are going on a roadtrip together in July to visit our parents in South Carolina. I calculated the fuel cost and it looks like it will be about $200 each. Do you know any cool spots I should stop on our trip? We were thinking of going IH 20 one way and IH 10 the other, but if there is some cool place off the beaten path, we are all for it!

Enjoy your trip to North Carolina, Gail. I'm sure it will be a beautiful drive.