Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We Have WINNERS!!!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I used a Random number generator to pick the names of the Giveaway winners and they are.....drum roll please...............

Trish said...
Have fabulous birthday! Count me in.

Michelle you have won the Cottage Collection!

Sharon Stevens said...
Happy Happy, count me in!

Sharon you won Martha's book!

Steph said...
Would be thrilled to win any of these great prizes! Count me in please....
And a very HAPPY birthday to you

Congratulations Steph, you won the damask frame

Susan said...
Happy Birthday! What a great giveaway. Love all the prizes and I'm off to your site to shop.

Hey Susan, you won the vintage looking magnetic frame

sistersoftheart said...
Happy Birthday Gail!!! Hope you find lots of cake & other great things coming your way for your special day!
xoxoxo Patte

And Patte girl you won the paper mache leters HOPE!

Congratulations to the winners of the drawing! And my heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate my birthday in such a fun fashion!! Also my thanks for the well wishes, the virtual birthday cards and cakes. Love those cakes with no calories! :-)

I'll drop off a note to the winners and if you see this before I get to you you can contact me here here to safely leave me your address.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU , EACH and EVERY ONE of YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't have done it without you and I had a lot of fun!!!!!!!!!



Sharon Stevens said...

OMG!!! I won!! I NEVER win anything..thank you thank you!!! It's my birthday this month too!!
Happy Birthday to me huh?

Susan said...

Congrats to all the other winners! And, thank you, thank you, Gail, for my prize! I don't usually win anything either and I just LOVE this magnetic board. Too bad you were so quick to send out my order - you could have included it!
Thanks again - love your blog and your work.

Bella Blogger said...

This is going to sound so silly, but I was designing and installing a clients blog over at Welcome To Harmony Hill. When I was done, I must have forgotten to log out before I went to visit my favorite beautiful blogs. Anyways, it was me who entered your giveaway (Michelle from Shabby Creations), not Trish. Kind of confusing. Anyways, my mistake, so if Trish responds, send her my gift. Otherwise, if she doesn't' let me know. Thanks for a fun little giveaway!

Steph said...

YAy! I won! Thanks so much for doing this....

Bella Blogger said...

Gail, Just wanted to tell you I received my kit today from the bloggy giveaway. I am in love! Thank you so much for all the pretties. You are wonderful!
Shabby Creations