Saturday, May 3, 2008

What a Guy!

Ok, some of you know my birthday is coming up. I'm not sure who let the secret out but hey, whatchagonnado? ;-) My hubby and my dad left early this morning for a week long fishing trip. So this means DH is not going to be home for my birthday. But he did promise me a nice dinner out when he gets home.... so that's something to look forward to as these days those kind of nights are far between, and I'll use any excuse not to cook or wash dishes.

My man is a quiet man, not one for overt shows of affection and enthusiasm, but he's mine and I love him...even on the days I may not like him much. ;-) But he is a great one for cards. When we were dating I was always finding a card where and when I least expected it. Sometimes more than one a week. In the medicine cabinet, on the seat of my car, in a book I was reading, under my pillow. Funny cards, serious cards, mushy cards, sometimes snippets of poems he liked written inside the card. Cards for no reason except to tell me he loved me. How can you not love a man like that?! And he always dated every one and drew me a funny face. I have kept every card he ever gave me and now have a big thick scrapbook filled with cards.

So this morning when I got to the computer there was an early Mother's Day card (I get one every year from the furbabies). One of those funny cards that you open and a silly song plays. And I thought to my self...self, I can't believe he didn't leave me birthday card. Uh oh the honeymoon may be over. ;-) I did my computer work then proceeded to the studio hoping the muse would be in a productive mood today. As I cleaned up from yesterdays whirlwind, I picked up a piece of chipboard on my work table and lo and Birthday card. :-) This year it's a funny one.
I love you honey...catch a lot of fish! I'll fry 'em for ya.



java_jenny said...

Lovin' that card! What a cool treat!

Sherry/Cherie said...

Ah, what a romantic!!! You got yourself a good one -- I think you wre doing your own fishing and reeled in a keeper!


Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday sweet Gail!
Happy birthday to you!

Sandie R said...

Definately a keeper and I love the card saying.

Adla said...

So sweet, as they say its the thought that counts but safe to say we don't mind getting pampered by our hubbys every once in awhile :)Hope he catches lots of fish and fries them for you when he gets back !

Lori said...

Oh, he's so sweet!! I know I'm a little late, but Happy Birthday to you & hope you had a day filled with shabby cottage fun!!